Transcend Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit – Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limits

transcend credit union atm
transcend credit union atm

Today’s section of our banking and finance guide will explain how much money you can withdraw from an ATM at Transcend Credit Union in the United States.

The Transcend Credit Union is a financial institution with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

People living and working in Louisville, Lexington, and the counties surrounding these two cities are served by the credit union, established in 1934. The credit union has six branches located throughout these areas.

What is the ATM network?

You get access to over 32,000 ATMs in the United States and Puerto Rico that do not charge you a premium.

You can get cash from any ATM provided by Transcend, which is accessible in every branch.

Visit the website to locate the Transcend Credit Union ATM that is most convenient for you.

Your credit union has formed a partnership with the MoneyPass ATM to provide you with access to ATMs that do not charge a fee.

Please visit to locate the MoneyPass ATM that is most convenient for you.

Transcend Credit Union operates the United States branch of the ATM network.

Transcend Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit:

To find out what your daily withdrawal limit is, you will need to get in touch with Transcend.

To obtain a disclosure of your daily limits, either call the credit union at 800-292-9490 or go to the location that is most convenient for you.

Because the limits are subject to change at any time, you are required to get in touch with the credit union in order to get any updates.

The limits that apply at ATMs that are not part of a network could be higher or lower.

Every day at midnight, the daily restriction is reset to its default value.

This is the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from an ATM belonging to Transcend Credit Union in the United States.

What Are The Charges For Transcend Credit Union ATM Withdrawals?

At the automated teller machines (ATMs) provided by Transcend Credit Union and MoneyPass, there is no fee assessed for withdrawing cash.

An additional withdrawal restriction might be imposed on the customers by the ATM operator or network that was engaged in processing the transactions.

For transactions involving foreign currency, the transaction fee is equal to one percent of the total amount.

If you have a GoGreen Checking account and execute ten or more debit card transactions each month, you will be exempt from paying up to five dollars in foreign ATM fees for transactions made in other countries.

However, ATM operators in foreign countries may still impose fees for duplicate transactions if they deem them necessary.

When you go ahead with the transaction, the fees associated with the withdrawal will be taken out of your account.

This is the fee that is assessed for using the ATMs provided by Transcend Credit Union in the United States.

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