How to sign up for and use First Bank’s FirstMonie Wallet

first bank first monie
first bank first monie

Do you wish to use a plastic cardless transfer, a bill payment, or an airtime purchase? The FirstMonie Wallet and FirstMonie Wallet Virtual Card were introduced by First Bank Plc, enabling users to send and receive payments online using their mobile numbers.

There are three account classes for the FirstMonie Wallet, each with its own unique features: FirstMonie Classic, FirstMonie Gold, and FirstMonie Platinum. The USSD code 8941# and the mobile app are both ways to get to the Firstmonie Wallet.

You can open a FirstMonie Wallet account without a BVN and begin making transactions with your account, which has a maximum balance of N300,000. The financial service is smooth, quick, and safe. For you to open the Firstmonie account, you must be at least 18 years old.

For the purpose of this content, we are going to take a look at how to create a FirstMonie Wallet.

Features and Benefits of FirstMonie Wallet

  1. Transfer Funds
  2. Fund Wallet
  3. Airtime/Data Top-up
  4. Bill Payments
  5. Cash In & Cash Out
  6. Corporate Disbursements & Collections
  7. Bet9ja Funding
  8. Agent Locator
  9. More convenient for customers.
  10. Access to different accounts via the wallet.
  11. Available with or without internet data and can be accessed on any network in Nigeria.
  12. Instant Transaction without BVN.

Registration Requirements for FirstMonie  wallet

Before you can enroll for FirstMonie, make sure you have the following information at hand:

  1. Mobile Phone: Registration can be done using any kind of mobile device
  2. Active Mobile Number: The customer needs to have a registered and active mobile number as this would be the account for the Wallet
  3. Data for mobile app registration. Customers would require data to download the App from Play Store or IOS store and complete the registration
  4. Airtime for USSD registration – Airtime as low as N4 is requested for session cost on USSD registration.

How to Register for FirstMonie Wallet?

Simply download the FirstMonie app from the iOS app store or the Google Play Store, or you can telephone 8941# and follow the simple instructions to set up your wallet account. Your mobile number is all that is required.

Please remember that once you’ve signed up for one channel, you’ll need to enter the 5-digit PIN you made to use the other two channels (USSD and Mobile App).

Tiers of FirstMonie Wallets

1. FirstMonie Classic: This type of wallet has a N50,000 Inflow and outflow Limit per day with a Wallet Capacity of N300,00 you can enroll for it with your Name, Mobile Number, Date of Birth

2. FirstMonie Gold: This type of wallet has N200,000 Inflow and 100,000 USSD and 200,000 mobile outflow Limit per day with a Wallet Capacity of N500,00 you can enroll for it with BVN and Valid means of Identification (e.g., Voters’ Card)

3. FirstMonie Platinum: This type of wallet has N5,000,000 Inflow and 100,000 USSD, and 1,000,000 mobile outflow Limit per day with a Wallet Capacity of N 10,000,000 you can enroll for it with KYC requirements contained in CBN AML/CFT Regulation, 2009

What is my Wallet account number?

Your FirstMonie Wallet account is the mobile number you registered with the bank

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How can I deposit into my FirstMonie Wallet account?

Customers can add money to their wallets with a debit card from any bank, a FirstBank account, another active FirstMonie wallet, or at a FirstMonie Agent location. Using a debit card to add money to your wallet costs 1% of the amount. At an agent location, three fees depend on how much money you add.

How can I withdraw money from my FirstMonie Wallet?

You can withdraw money from your wallet in cash at any FirstMonie agent location, or you can transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria.

How do I change my FirstMonie PIN?

Your FirstMonie PIN can be changed, right? It’s simple. Simply click “Change PIN” from your profile page in the app, or you can dial *894*1#, pick “My Account,” and then select “PIN Change.” First Bank USSD code, FirstMonie wallet, digital wallet.

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