How to Activate Bank of America Credit Card

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Are you trying to activate your credit card through Bank of Learn more by reading. If you have any more inquiries regarding the activation of a credit card issued by Bank of America, please feel free to contact us.

You can use CashPay to send money to other people who also have a CashPay account by sending it from your phone to theirs (Think PayPal but run by Bank of America). In addition to CashPay, the Wallet app allows for the storage of information pertaining to debit and credit cards. You can acquire additional information regarding it at the following location:

You will want to make sure that you upload your card or scan it in with the camera on your smartphone before attempting to add it to the Google Wallet application now that the products have been integrated into one.

There is no longer a distinction between the three types of Bank of America Cards (Credit, Debit, and CashPay). In order to successfully add your credit card, debit card, and CashPay to Wallet, you will first need to ensure that you have a product established for each of these payment methods.

You can activate cards by going to the app store on your device, downloading “Wallet,” selecting add a virtual wallet, selecting Bank of America from the list of institutions that allow load via NFC, and then entering your card information manually or scanning your card using the camera on your device. This will allow you to load money onto your card using the NFC technology.

How to Add Activate Bank of Credit Card, Debit, and CashPay Cards on Google Wallet

Start the app known as Google Wallet.

Click the icon labeled Tools (It looks like an O with a circle around it). It can be found in the top right-hand corner of your screen, directly to the right of the icons for sending and canceling.

Click the Manage cards button. You can add credit, debit, or cash pay cards to your Google Wallet account here, as well as read information about those cards, such as credit limits and recent transactions. This is also where you can add cash pay cards.

Tap the Add a card from the Bank of America option that is located underneath the list of approved institutions that presently permit load via NFC tap virtual wallet. This will open a new window in which you can choose between using your credit card or your debit card.

To add a new payment method, select it by tapping either the Credit or Debit button. If you have either type of card, you only need to add it once to your account by selecting the debit or credit option. You will be presented with a window that will ask for the information on your physical card (The 16 digits on the front and your full name on the back of your physical card).

After providing the relevant information, select the Add Card option when finished. It ought to appear on your screen as if there are some green lines moving vertically across it, suggesting that it was successfully added to Google Wallet. After you have finished, tap the Done button; however, if you wish to add another card from Bank of America, you will need to repeat step 6 once more.

How to Transfer Money Using Google Wallet

You can send money from any of the email addresses associated with your Gmail account to any of the email addresses that Bank of America has on file for you.

Open the Google Wallet application.

You can contact customer service by tapping the person icon that is found in the bottom right corner of your screen next to the information about your cards and recent purchases. It consists of a head silhouette placed next to a white box that has a red arrow pointing out of it.

Select to send the money. A pop-up window will welcome you and ask you who you would want to email the money to after it has loaded. In the “To” field, enter their whole name or email address, and in the “Amount” field, enter the amount that you want to send them. Tap the Add a message option if you would like to include a personal note with your payment, and then tap the Next button after you are ready. If you don’t think this is necessary, all you need to do is touch the Send button without adding a note.

Click the Bank of America link located under Payment Methods. The button can be found near the bottom of the screen. If you have not utilized Google Wallet or Bank of America on that particular device before, you will be required to check in with your login and password in order to use either service.

After that, Google Wallet should prompt you to input the PIN number that is associated with all of your loaded debit cards. The convenience of using the same personal identification number (PIN) for both cards is preferred by the majority of consumers.

After that, you will be given the option to add an additional email address that is not currently associated with your Gmail account via Bank of America, or you can select Done. Tap “Add email” and carry out step 8 once more if you wish to send money to someone other than yourself. When sending money, the majority of people like to use multiple email addresses because it can become confusing if too many go into one account. If this is your preference as well, you are free to stop here after you have inputted the information. If this is not the case, hit the Next button located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen after providing all of the essential information.

Repeat entering your password and pressing the box that says “I agree with the terms and conditions” to reaffirm your payment. Google Wallet will notify you that the transaction has been completed successfully once everything has been checked out and found to be in order. Make sure you check your email for a confirmation from Bank of America once the payment has been sent to another account and received there.

After that, you may go back into Google Wallet and select the option with a green arrow that says Resend money if you want to resend the same payment again. Alternatively, you can amend it by selecting the option with a red arrow that says Edit next to it.

How to Add Money Using Cash with Google Wallet

If you have a Bank of America debit card, you can use Cash to add funds straight to your virtual wallet by visiting their website at This option is only available with Bank of America debit cards.

Open up your internet-capable web browser and navigate to the following address:

In the space designated for “Cardholder’s name,” type in your full name as it is printed on your actual card. Enter both names, separated by a comma, if the account is held jointly by more than one person.

Enter the 16-digit number that may be found on the back of your actual card, and then choose the Next button. In order to maintain a certain level of security, you might or might not see a star depending on whether or not you entered the correct numbers. Do not be frightened if you do not see a phishing scam as this is done to protect you from any scams that may be committed online.

Enter the final four digits of your Social Security number as they appear on the back of your physical card below the Card security code, and then select the Verify button. The same boxes will automatically fill out as they did before, and the final product will look like this: Cardholder’s name (How it appears on Bank of America) Card number with 16 digits The final four digits of the SSN

After you have successfully input all of the essential information, pick the Continue button. In order for you to verify the transaction, an email will be sent to the Gmail address associated with your account. You can also access it directly through the Bank of America website HERE. After entering your full name, as it appears on your physical card, along with your 16-digit card number, and then select the Login button, you will have access to it. Once you have logged in to that website, navigate to the Accounts section and pick My Wallet. After that, navigate to the Payment methods section and select Add funds using Google Wallet.

Choose debit from Bank of America from the list that is displayed on the left-hand sidebar of the services that are offered. It is a square with a red border that is blue on the outside and white text on the inside.

Benefits of Using Activate Bank of Credit Card

There are no recurring costs.

When you activate, you will be eligible to receive up to ten percent cashback in different categories every three months.

Free of charge interest on debt transfers and purchases made within the first 15 billing cycles of having the credit card.

The points earned on a Rewards credit card from Bank of America can be redeemed for either a statement credit or a deposit into a savings or checking account.

How to Activate Bank of Credit Card

After you have received the card, go to and select Sign in from the menu that appears in the top right-hand corner of any page on their website. This will allow you to access your account.

Choose Credit Cards from the list of options provided in the menu on the website’s sidebar to the left. To manage your credit cards, go to the Payment & Transfer options section, which is situated on the top left of the screen, below the Account balance.

In the area titled “Important details,” click the Activate Credit Card button. (This could be a little different depending on whatever version of Bank of America you are using.)

Enter a 16-digit number and then pick the Continue button on the new credit card. After that, you will be prompted to enter the final four digits of your Social Security number before being given the option to continue. After that, click Continue a second time to confirm the addition of this payment method as an option that will be used by default for all future transactions.

How to Activate Bank of Credit Card

Bank Of America Credit Card
Bank Of America Credit Card

Log into your account at by entering the email address and password you made when you signed up for an account.

Under “Important details,” click on “Activate Credit Card.” (This could be a little different depending on which version of Bank of America you use.)

Enter the new credit card’s 16-digit number, then click Continue. Then you’ll be asked to type in the last four numbers of your SSN and click Continue again. Then, click Continue again to confirm that you want to use this method of payment for all future transactions.

How to Activate Bank of Credit Card by Phone

Call the customer service number and talk to someone from the bank. You will get help from the right person.

How to Activate Activate Bank of using a Mobile App

By using a BofA mobile app, you can activate your card.

  • Install the application to your smartphone.
  • Using online banking credentials do log in.
  • Look for your new card under accounts.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate it.

The Online Banking ID is the quickest and easiest way to activate your Bank of America credit card. If you don’t use this service, sign up now so that it can be turned on for transactions in the future.

Benefits of Using Bank of America Debit Card

With a busy schedule, the Bank of America card makes life easier by giving you access to your money at any time.

  • The best way to use your money is when and where you want, so get out there!
  • Now you can add your card to a digital wallet for faster and more secure payments.
  • Avoid monthly bills and interest payments with a Bank of America debit card.
  • Secure and convenient.

Benefits of Using Bank of America CashPay Card

With a CashPay card from Bank of America, you can get your paychecks in a quick and easy way that doesn’t cost much. When you use a Bank of America CashPay prepaid card, you can do the following:

  • Control your money (take it when you need it).
  • Access your funds 24/7.
  • Added security (no need to carry cash).
  • Access to account information online and through customer service.
  • Convenience – Instant access to pay by 9 am on payday.

How to Activate the Bank of America CashPay Prepaid Card

The CashPay MasterCard is a great way to pay for everything you need. Just go to the link, enter your card number, and click “Continue.” Within a minute, your card will be activated.


  • How to Activate Bank of America Credit Cards by Phone?

Follow the instructions below for a step-by-step guide on how to activate a credit card over the phone:

Sign in to your online account. Note that if you haven’t already set this up, it will take 24 hours.

  • How to Activate Bank of America Credit Card via Mobile App?

Follow the instructions below for a step-by-step guide on how to activate a credit card through a mobile app:

Install the app on your mobile device.

Log in using your online banking credentials.

Choose the “Go to Cards” option from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Choose the card you want to use, then click Continue. With this account, you can now use your credit or debit card at any time. Once this option is turned on, you won’t even need cash because you can pay for things straight from your bank account.

  • How to Activate Bank of America Credit Card by Mail?

A: Follow the instructions below for a step-by-step guide on how to activate a credit card by mail:

Sign in to your bank account online. If you haven’t already set this up, keep in mind that it takes 24 hours.

Choose the “Go to Cards” option from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Under Other cards, click Add and then follow the on-screen instructions. You can use this option to either activate a new credit card or replace an old one. If you want to add a new credit card, click “Activate Credit Card” under “Hard Credit Pull” and fill in all the necessary information, such as the phone number on the card, the PIN you want, and the account number. When you are done, click Continue.


It’s easy to activate a credit card from Bank of America online. Just follow the steps given above, and you should be ready to go in no time!

Now that your card has been activated, feel free to use it the next time you go shopping or pay for groceries at a nearby store.

If you have more questions about how to activate a Bank of America credit card, feel free to leave a comment below so we can see what you need help with. We hope this article made it clear how to activate a card by mail, through a mobile app, or through online banking.

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