POS payment: benefits, buying guide and news

POS Payment: Benefits of POS for Freelancers, Merchants, and Businesses

Paying by credit card allows you to increase the methods and methods of payment to be offered to customers in addition to cash. It also allows you to significantly expand sales and business opportunities, especially for those situations where there is a need to carry out payment transactions quickly and safely.

Here are the 5 most important benefits for traders and businesses:

  1. POS payment is a payment system that increases the so-called customer satisfaction, or customer satisfaction. How many times have we had to queue at the cash desk to pay for a good or a service, or not have enough cash in our wallet to pay the full amount requested.
  2. Paying via an electronic money payment terminal offers the possibility to accept payments in any type of currency. This type of service is very important especially for those who work with foreign customers or for those who want to try to attract this type of customer as well, with a view to internationalizing their business.
  3. POS payment can be a valuable aid in dealing with advance payment and balance issues. Just think of the case of the no-show, one of the main causes of lost revenue for the hotel and restaurant sector. Even for those who carry out an e-commerce activity, virtual POS payment is one of the most important things for economic-financial management.
  4. Receiving payment via POS accelerates and simplifies the management of the company’s economic and financial flows. In fact, the amount of each payment transition is immediately digitized and entered into the bank statement.
  5. Finally, POS payment makes your company more innovative and is the first step towards digitalization that is now increasingly necessary to keep up with the times. Just think that the last frontier of the world of electronic payments are invisible payments, that is, those that take place without cashiers. An example is Amazon Go, the store where you can buy any type of product by paying directly via your smartphone and without going through the checkout.

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