19 Best Insurance Companies In Lagos with Addresses & Contacts Details (May 2024)

insurance companies in nigeria
insurance companies in nigeria

If you manage your company well and you have any kind of business in Lagos, there is no question that your company will be very successful if you do so. However, due to the fact that Lagos is a large city with an exceptionally high level of competition, particularly in the business world, the stakes could be relatively high for any venture you undertake there. Because of this, several insurance firms in Lagos cover your company against the possibility of unanticipated events.

As a result, I have decided to compile a list of the best insurance companies in Lagos, where you can buy protection for your company at a much more affordable price.

Types Of Insurance Policies Good For Businesses

There are an infinite number of insurance policies designed for a variety of objectives, but some insurance policies are tailored particularly well to meet the requirements of commercial purposes.

Consequently, the following insurance plans, among those offered by the insurance firm, are particularly well-suited for use in commercial contexts:

  1. A Special Risk Insurance Policy
  2. General Insurance Policy
  3. General Business Insurance Policy
  4. Burglary Insurance Policy
  5. The Fire Insurance Policy
  6. Goods-in-Transit Insurance Policy, etc.

To learn more about what insurance policies are all about, different types of insurance policies, and everything you need to know about insurance, check out this article HERE.

19 Best Insurance Companies In Lagos For Business with Contacts Details

insurance companies
insurance companies

Due to the fact that Lagos is such a large and important commercial center, the city is home to a great number of insurance firms. However, for the purpose of this piece, we will be focusing on the insurance firms in Lagos that are able to meet the requirements of businesses.

  1. Leadway Assurance
  2. AIICO
  3. NEM Insurance Plc
  4. Custodian Investment Plc.
  5. African Alliance Insurance Company Ltd
  6. Regency Alliance Insurance
  7. Unitrust Insurance
  8. Capital Express Assurance
  9. Mutual Benefit Assurance
  10. SUNU Assurance Nigeria Plc. (Equity Assurance)
  11. Guinea Insurance Plc
  12. Sterling Assurance Nigeria Limited
  13. FBN Insurance
  14. Anchor Insurance Limited
  15. LASACO Assurance Plc
  16. Tangerine General Insurance (Law Union and Rock)
  17. Noor Takaful
  18. United Metropolitan Nigeria Life Insurance
  19. NSIA Insurance Limited

1. Leadway Assurance

In the event that you have been looking for a good insurance company in Lagos for your organization, Leadway Assurance is an excellent choice that would meet all of your requirements.

It was in 1970 when Leadway Assurance first opened its doors, and today it is one of the most reputable insurance firms in Lagos, catering to the requirements of businesses just like yours.

It provides a variety of insurance options, such as health insurance, life insurance, and insurance for businesses in general, among others.

Leadway Assurance Address & Contact In Lagos

Leadway is at No. 121/123 Funso Williams Avenue, Iponri Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: (+234) 01-2700700 | (+234) 01-2800700 |
  • WhatsApp Only: +234 808 057 7724
  • Email: insure@leadway.com


AIICO, which stands for American International Insurance Company Limited, began operations in 1963 and has since grown to become one of the most reputable insurance providers in Lagos, Nigeria, able to insure your company against any potential hazards.

They provide a selection of insurance policies, such as life assurance and annuities, among others. Insurance for general and specific hazards, medical insurance, and asset management are all included.

From those that AIICO has to offer, General Insurance and Special Risks may be the two insurance plans best suited for your company’s needs.

AIICO Insurance Contact & Address In Lagos

AIICO is situated at Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 01 270 2930 0700 AIIContact (0700 2442 6682 28)
  • Email: aiicontact@aiicoplc.com

3. NEM Insurance Plc

NEM Insurance Plc is one of the oldest and most reputable insurance companies in Lagos, having started operations in Nigeria in 1948. NEM provides a variety of insurance plans that are ideal for any type of business in Lagos, including General Business Insurance, Fire Insurance, and others.

NEM Insurance Address & Contact in Lagos

Despite the fact that NEM might be found in other states of Nigeria, the focus of this piece will be about NEM Insurance in Lagos. Therefore, the NEM Insurance company may be found at No. 199, Ikorodu Road, Obanikoro, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 234-1-4489560, 234-1-4489570
  • Email: nem@nem-insurance.com

4. Custodian Investment Plc.

Custodian is another Lagos-based insurance firm where you may safeguard your business from the majority of connected risks.

Custodian offers a variety of insurance policies, such as auto, travel, safety plus, event insurance, and life insurance.

Custodian Insurance Address & Contact In Lagos

Custodian is at No. 16A, Commercial Avenue, Sabo Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: (+234)12774000-9
  • Email: carecentre@custodianinsurance.com

5. African Alliance Insurance Company Ltd

African Alliance Insurance Plc was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company on July 6th, 1960 as the first Indigenous Insurance Company to carry out the business of Life Assurance in Nigeria.

6. Regency Alliance Insurance

Regency Alliance, which has been in Nigeria for more than two decades, is one of the best insurance companies in Lagos that can safeguard your business from certain hazards.

The organization offers a variety of insurance plans, and fire insurance and goods in transit insurance would be beneficial for your company.

Regency Alliance Address & Contact In Lagos

Regency Alliance is located at No. 2B Ebun Street, Gbagda Expressway, Gbagada Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

7. Unitrust Insurance

Unitrust Insurance (formerly known as Saham Unitrust Insurance) is an additional insurance firm in Lagos where you can ensure your business and avoid unanticipated dangers linked to it.

There are 3 insurance products supplied by Unitrust Insurance that would be suitable for your business: burglary insurance, fire insurance, and special peril insurance.

Unitrust Insurance Address & Contact In Lagos

Unitrust Insurance is at Plot 105B, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 01-2703132-5, 2701167-9, 4617031-2, 0700UNITRUST
  • Email: info@unitrustinsurance.com

8. Capital Express Assurance

Capital Express Assurance is one of the most rapidly expanding insurance companies in Lagos and can protect your business against the unexpected.

Capital Express Assurance Address & Contact In Lagos

Capital Express Assurance is at No. 13, Bishop Kale Close, Off Kasumu Ekemode Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 0700-22739-277873
  • Email: info@capitalexpressassurance.com

9. Mutual Benefit Assurance

Mutual Benefit Assurance is one of the major insurance companies in Lagos that can safeguard your business from any threats.

The Fire and Special Peril insurance plans offered by Mutual Benefit Assurance would be suitable for your business.

Mutual Benefit Assurance Address & Contact In Lagos

Mutual Benefit Assurance is at No. 233, Ikorodu Road, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 09054644444, 09054744444,
  • Whatsapp: 2348169042592
  • Email: info@mutualng.com | investorrelations@mutualng.com

10. SUNU Assurance Nigeria Plc. (Equity Assurance)

SUNU Assurance Nigeria Plc. is one of Lagos’s most prominent insurance companies and can meet your business’s insurance requirements.

SUNU Assurance Nigeria Plc. offers numerous insurance packages, the majority of which are suitable for your business. Among the business insurance policies it offers are fire and special peril insurance, consequential loss insurance, burglary insurance, goods in transit insurance, and product liability insurance.

SUNU Assurance Nigeria Plc. Address & Contact In Lagos

Equity Assurance is at No. 1196 Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: –
  • Email: –

12. Guinea Insurance Plc

If you have been looking for a reputable insurance company in Lagos for your business needs, Guinea Insurance is the firm for you.

Guinea Insurance Plc offers a vast array of insurance policies, including Fire and Special Perils Insurance, Burglary Insurance, Goods in Transit Insurance, All Risk Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Bonds Insurance, Contractors All Risk Insurance, Erection All Risk Insurance, Consequential Loss Insurance, and a great deal more.

Guinea Insurance Address & Contact in Lagos

Guinea Insurance Plc. is at No. 33 Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 01-2934575 | 01-2934577
  • Email: info@guineainsurance.com

12. Sterling Assurance Nigeria Limited

Incorporated in 1990, Sterling Assurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Lagos, offering very competitive insurance plans for commercial needs.

Sterling Assurance offers plans such as Fire Insurance, Burglary Insurance, and Public Liability Insurance, among others.

Sterling Assurance Address & Contact in Lagos

Sterling Assurance is at Sterling House, 284 Ikorodu Rd, Anthony 102216, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 08150643531-2
  • Email: insure@sterlingassure.com

13. FBN Insurance

FBN Insurance is a life insurance business providing coverage for individual and corporate clients. They have their offices in strategic geographical locations across the country.

With FBN Insurance products, when the unexpected happens, you will have the peace of mind that comes from managing the risks of everyday life.

  • Address: 34, Marina, Lagos Island.
  • Phone numbers: 01-905 4364, 08080479319, 07098123827, 01-905 4365.

14. Anchor Insurance Limited

Anchor Insurance Limited is one of the oldest and most reputable insurance companies in Lagos, having been fully registered and licensed in 1989.

It offers insurance plans such as business interruption insurance, burglary insurance, and investment insurance that may be suitable for company insurance needs.

Anchor Insurance Address & Contact in Lagos

Anchor Insurance is at Block 5A, Ayo Jagun Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Ahmed Onibudo Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: –
  • Email: –

15. LASACO Assurance Plc

LASACO Assurance Plc., created in 1979, is one of the largest insurance companies in Lagos, specializing in commercial insurance plans.

Burglary Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, and other insurance policies offered by LASACO may meet your business insurance requirements.

LASACO Assurance Address & Contact in Lagos

LASACO Assurance is at LASACO House, Plot 16, Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 07000LASACO (07000527226)
  • Email: info@lasacoassurance.com

16. Tangerine General Insurance (Law Union and Rock)

Law Union and Rock Insurance has rebranded to Tangerine General Insurance Limited, according to the company. It would be a good choice if you’re looking for the best insurance company in Lagos to safeguard your business.

Tangerine General Insurance is one of the first generation Insurance companies to commence business in Nigeria in 1951.

Tangerine General Insurance Address & Contact in Lagos

Law Union and Rock insurance company is at Law Union House, 14 Hughes Ave, Alagomeji Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

17. Noor Takaful

Noor Takaful is another reputable insurance firm in Lagos that would insure your business against potential business-related dangers.

Noor Takaful Address & Contact in Lagos

Noor Takaful is at No. 170, Gbagada Expressway, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Phone: 01 252 0010, +234 809 944 4448
  • Email: help@noortakaful.ng

18. United Metropolitan Nigeria Life Insurance

This company originated after the successful recapitalization and rebranding of the former HEIRS Life Assurance Company Limited, which was formerly known as UBA Metropolitan Life Insurance. The market valuation of this exceptional and potentially strong strategic alliance exceeds N3 billion.

The company has created particularly distinctive products for the Nigerian market, which has contributed to the country’s increased economic growth and development. The company ensures that concerns impacting life insurance in Nigeria are managed in a manner that protects the interests of both policyholders and shareholders through its complete risk management skills.

  • Address: UBA House 57 Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos.
  • Phone numbers: +234 01 2772520, +234 01 9068800, +234 01 2772523

19. NSIA Insurance Limited

NSIA is an additional reputable insurance provider in Lagos from which you may choose if you wish to safeguard your business against specific hazards.

NSIA Insurance Address & Contact in Lagos

NSIA is at No. 3 Elsie Femi Pearse St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos, Nigeria.

I believe this post helps, do well to share your view with us in the comment section.

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