How to Sign Up for Squad by GTCO (GTB) to Start Accepting Payments Instantly

Squad By Gtco
Squad By Gtco

“Squad by GTCO” is a product that was developed by HabariPay Limited, which is a subsidiary of GTBank Nigeria. GTBank Nigeria, in turn, is one of GTCO Plc’s 11 subsidiaries. The official Twitter page of the Squad, @officialsquadco, made the announcement on June 1st, 2022, that the company was completely prepared to compete in the payments and eCommerce sector in Africa.

I will go over all you need to know about Squad by GTCO in this essay that I have written for you. I will cover a wide range of subjects, from the prices of the various transactions to the signup procedures for the Squad by GTCO program.

How to Sign Up on Squad By GTCO

One of the simplest tasks I’ve ever completed on the internet has been this one right here. It went swimmingly and without a hitch, and I was able to wrap everything up in just ten minutes.

You are completely within your rights to hold and operate a business account with Squad, regardless of whether or not your company is officially registered.

The following is an in-depth tutorial that will walk you through the process of registering for a free account on Squad:

  1. Visit the Squad Website
  2. Tap Signup
  3. Enter your first and last names
  4. Enter your Business Name, as you want it to appear in all your business dealings
  5. Enter your phone number and email
  6. Create a strong password
  7. Submit

That’s it. You’re in!

After you have successfully signed in, the next step is to improve the Know Your Customer (KYC) status. That is, you are required to act in the following ways:
  1. Verify your email address
  2. Verify your phone number
  3. Enter your NIN
  4. Verify your BVN
  5. Enter a verifiable physical address
  6. Add other business details
  7. Link your bank account
  8. Create a USD account (if need be).

After you have finished the duties that are stated, the KYC request that you have submitted will be examined by the Squad Team, and a response will be provided to you 24 hours after you have registered.

If you do not upgrade the KYC, you might be able to complete some transactions, but the scope of what you can accomplish will be severely restricted.

Services Offered By Squad by GTCO

Your company can benefit from the comprehensive payment options provided by Squad by GTCO. Whether or not you have registered your company with CAC is not a particularly relevant consideration.

The following is a list of all of the services that Squad by GTCO can assist you in completing in an effortless and prompt manner:

Payment links

As soon as you join up with Squad, the process of accepting payments becomes much simpler for everyone, regardless of whether they run a store, are developers, fashion designers, or content creators.

Squad By Gtco Signup Register
Squad By Gtco Signup Register

Through Squad, you have the ability to provide your customers with links that are mapped to their bank accounts on a variety of social media networks.

There are many different kinds of links, including:

Recurring payment links

Using this, you will be able to create a link that gives you the ability to request recurring and installment payments from your clients.

Simple payment links

You can also generate a link for a one-time payment that can be shared with your clients; the length of time for which the link is active is entirely up to you.

Product payment links

You can also make payment links that are unique to each product, and then share those payment links with your consumers wherever you contact them.

Donation links

Create a Squad donations link to distribute to people in your inner circle or on the various social media channels, and use it to help raise money for a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

Payment gateways

Debit and credit cards, as well as USSD and bank transfers, are the payment channels that are made available by Squad.


The revolutionary new technology known as SquadPos enables business owners to accept credit card payments right on their mobile smartphones, without the need for any additional hardware or POS terminals.

Squad By Gtco Pos
Squad By Gtco Pos

It is possible for you to let your consumers pay merely by holding their contactless card close to your mobile device, making the transaction simple, efficient, and inexpensive. The conventional point-of-sale terminal is, in my view, even more easily replaced by this option.

Squad Pos
Squad Pos


Once you have signed up for Squad, you will have the ability to promote your products by creating an account in the free Habari Deals Marketplace. Nothing is charged.

After signing up for Squad, you will benefit from having no ongoing maintenance costs, being able to show an unlimited number of products, support for the integration and migration of third-party services, and the ability to process payments both locally and globally.

How Much Does Squad Charge Merchants Per Transaction? (Pricing Information)

Not only is Squad an effective platform for conducting business transactions, but it is also one of the most cost-effective.

When you see how stupidly low the claimable commissions are on transactions, you’ll agree with what I’m saying.

The following is a comprehensive list of all of the pricing information for the various Squad Services:

Transaction Type Pricing (Local Transactions) Pricing (International Transactions)
Payment Links 1% + 50 Naira 3.5% per transaction
SquadPOS 0.5% per transaction (capped at 1000 Naira)
USSD 0.6% per transaction (capped at 1000 Naira)
Virtual Accounts 0.5% per transaction (capped at 1000 Naira)

Squad Support Center

Filling out the “Contact Us” form on the Squad by GTCO website allows you to get in touch with them in the event that you have a problem with one of their products or services, or if you just need to ask them a short question.

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