Unable to get my Cash App Card: See how to get it

100 thieves cash app card
100 thieves cash app card

If you’re wondering what to do if you can’t get the cash app card, we’ve got you covered in this post.

Many users of the Cash App have applied for and carry around the Cash App card because they may use the card to withdraw money or pay bills.

If you look around and can’t find the cash app card, you will discover what to do here.

cash app card design
cash app card design

What to do when I can’t get my Cash App Card

In contrast to a mobile phone, your Cash App Card cannot be tracked because it lacks a GPS, and even smart chips cannot determine its whereabouts.

As a result, there are no physical means to locate your card if you can’t acquire your cash app card. What you should do in this circumstance is as follows.

How to temporarily disable your Cash App Card

If you can’t find your Cash App Card, you can temporarily disable it. Here’s how you approach it;

  • Launch Cash App mobile app.
  • Select the Cash Card option.
  • Click on the image of your Cash Card.
  • Click “Disable Cash Card”

Your Cash App Card will be momentarily turned off after completing this process until you turn it back on. If you have a good feeling that you have lost your card and are likely to recover it again, you should consider this.

The report you can’t get a cash app card

Additionally, you can file a lost or stolen Cash Card report. Take the following actions to achieve this:

  • On your Cash App home screen, click the Cash Card tab.
  • Tap on the image of your Cash Card
  • Select “Problem with Card”
  • Choose “Card Stolen” To prove your identity, enter your PIN or Touch ID.

It’s vital to know that Cash App deactivates the card and makes it harder for anybody else to use it when you report your card as stolen or lose it. Therefore, even if you find the card, you won’t be able to use it.

How to Order a new Cash Card

The next thing you can do later is get a new Cash App card. You can order a new cash app card by following these steps:

  • Open your Cash App
  • Select the Cash Card option.
  • Select “Get a free Cash Card” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select a color and then click “Continue.” To personalize your card, follow the steps below.
  • Sign the back of your Cash Card, Fill in the blanks
  • Check and double-check your information.
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