Cash App ATM Guide, All you Should know about Cash App ATM Withdrawal

cash app card at atm
cash app card at atm

If you use a Cash App card, you must know some of the Cash App ATM guidelines. You should be aware of these fundamentals so you can easily use the Cash App card.

The Square Cash App is a credit card-accepting mobile payment application created by Square, Inc. It typically involves money transfers from one individual to another. One of the peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps that enable users to send money to one another is the Cash App.

Cash App is not a bank, despite the fact that it is billed as a “mobile banking” app. It’s a financial platform that works with other financial players to offer various services. You will also be able to send and receive money, purchase bitcoin, invest money, get paid directly into your bank account, and use ATMs to withdraw cash.

This article focuses on the ATM regulations you need to be aware of, and I’ll briefly go through some of them here.

Cash app ATM rules

Below are all the Cash App ATM guidelines:

ATM Withdrawal Limit

cash app withdrawal limit
cash app withdrawal limit

For all holders of cash app cards, there is a cap on the amount you can withdraw from an ATM. The following limitations apply while using your Cash Card to get cash back at the register and withdraw money from ATMs:

  •       $310 per transaction
  •       $1,000 per 24-hour period
  •       $1,000 per 7-day period

ATM Fees on Cash Card

Since there is no cash app-specific ATM, you will be charged $2 when you take money out of a cash app account using a cash app card.

Cash App ATM fee reimbursement

Through Cash App’s quick reimbursement feature, users who have $300 (or more) in direct deposit paychecks each month are promptly refunded for ATM expenditures, including ATM operator fees.

Each eligible deposit you receive after successfully initiating free ATM withdrawals will increase the total number of ATM withdrawals you have by 31 days of ATM charge reimbursements.

What ATM can you use for a Cash App?

You can make cash withdrawals from ATMs throughout the country using your Cash App card. It permits cash withdrawals from ATMs when combined with the VISA Card acceptance Logo. Insert your Cash Card into the ATM and enter the PIN you created when you first activated it.

You can withdraw cash from any ATM in the United States using the Cash App card. When you first activate your card, you must create a Cash PIN. The same PIN must be used each time you use an ATM to withdraw cash.

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