4 Best Ways on How to Send Money Without Net Banking

how to send money without net banking
how to send money without net banking

In this post, you will get to know how to send money without net banking.

You can now make transactions without online banking; you don’t even have to use a mobile app because most of these mobile apps will need you to be connected to the internet before a successful transaction can be made.

Most people do not always have data/wifi for internet access on their phones, so I feel knowing how to bank without the internet is also important.

Different Ways to Send Money Without Internet Banking

1. Use bank USSD code

how to send money without net banking

USSD code is a shortcode that you can use to make transfers or buy other necessary things from your bank. The interesting thing here is that you don’t need to own a smartphone before you can use the code.

Unlike the banking mobile App which works online and it is only for smartphones, you get transactions successfully without having to connect to the internet.

You can also top-up airtime and pay for important bills, and don’t have to go online before accessing and managing your money.

This is one of the ways whereby you can send money without necessarily going to need internet access before you make a successful transaction.

Although not all banks have the same USSD, your USSD code depends on the bank(s) you use. If you are using 3 banks, you cannot use one USSD code for every bank, so to get the USSD code that works perfectly for your bank, kindly visit any of your bank branches closer to you, or visit their official website.

Importance of using USSD code

1. The USSD code is very interactive:  Users can get a response fast, but there’re times you get a response late maybe because of your phone’s network issue. But usually, you get a fast response and this is once you input the code.

2. It is simple to operate: People using this don’t have to be computer literate. Every problem is solved since they can read and understand. There will be a list of options on the screen of your phone and most times you will have to reply in numbers that tally with what action you want to perform.

3. No internet access: In case you don’t have an internet connection when you are dealing with your mobile bank, then the USSD code is a better alternative for you. There is no need for getting wifi just to send money or purchase things with your bank.

4. You can buy data with the USSD: Even when you don’t have data and you feel surfing the internet is very necessary for you. It is easier with the USSD code, just input the fast code and you are good to go.

5. USSD code is easily accessible: You don’t have to go throw your gallery as you do in other to get your mobile banking App. All you need to do is dial the code and make transactions.

2. Use an Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

how to send money without internet

You will need your debit card before you can transfer money with an ATM, although you may have to queue if there’re lots of people in line before you.

Regardless of the queuing stress, using the ATM is also a means of sending money without net banking.

3. Use a bank agent

how to send money without net banking

I often use a bank agent whenever I have issues using a USSD code. You can just visit any bank agent’s office in your neighborhood and send or withdraw money using a POS (Point Of Sales) machine.

This is also a fast way to send money to friends, family members, and loved ones without having an internet connection.

Most people don’t want to get into the mess of getting their transactions hanged by mobile banking apps. I experienced this before, a situation whereby my transaction was not successful, yet my money was not reverted.

Since I started using the POS transaction, if possibly I faced a technical issue, my money is safe.

Importance of using a bank agent for transactions

1. Bank agents have increased efficiency: The right tools which the agent owns have supported the efficiency of any transaction. It is very fast and reliable i.e. you can easily transfer money to anyone at a low transaction fee. You can not expect a home contractor to complete a mansion within an hour, whereas the POS can make several transactions within a minute.

2. Easy to use: You don’t even have to do any processing here; the agent is in charge of doing the whole processing. You only need your pin.

3. In the case of using a POS machine, your pin is safe with the machine; this means no one can tamper with your information after you leave the bank agent’s shop.

4. Simplified accounting: Either your transaction was successful or declined; you are going to see the statement on a printed slip. If the transaction was approved, the slip gives a detailed receipt rather than just showing the amount you withdraw.

5. Using the offline banking agent may not be accurate, but this is very fast. I am sure you will not like to wait in a long queue before you can withdraw or transfer money. Using POS is a faster way to send money without net banking.

4. Write a check

how to send money without net banking

Before you will be able to write a check for someone, you first have to acquire a checkbook.

If you want to send a huge amount of money to someone and don’t want to stress yourself, then you should consider a check as a better means of sending money without an internet connection.

Here, you are leaving the entire work to the recipient; he or she will have to go to the nearest bank in other to claim the money.

Not much stress though, provided the beneficiary is not going to face a queue when he or she gets to the bank.


I’m certain you now know the different ways how to send money without net banking. You can either use a USSD code, use an ATM machine, use a bank agent, or write a check.

With these methods, sending money without net banking is made easy and reliable.

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