Top 10 Most Prestigious Finance Firms in the World

most prestigious finance firms
most prestigious finance firms

Here, you’ll get to know the most prestigious financial firms and some important information about them.

Finance firms can be regarded as one of the means of banking. They mainly focus on capital of financing for the international and also the local enterprise.

You may be interested in investing with some finance firms, now the issue is how do you get the best out of the numerous investment banks that are available today?

This is the reason this article has come online, it is written to guide your investment idea, by listing the most prestigious banking firms in the world.

This content is anxious about helping you out, so make sure you take your time while reading.

Nevertheless, all the prestigious finance firms featured in this content are top-rated. We are just bringing from the reliable angles you will love to choose from after reading the descriptions of each investment bank.

World Most Prestigious Finance Firms

1. Goldman Sachs (GS)

most prestigious finance firms

This investment bank is one of the oldest banking firms. It was founded way back in 1869, if you do your calculations well, you will conclude that this finance firm is more than 150 years of existence.

The headquarter is in New York City but has offices in London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and many other cities around the world.

Goldman Sachs offers a wide variety of services across 4 divisions which are institutional service clients, investment banking, investing & lending, and lastly investment management.

You can see most of what they do tally with investment; this means they are trustworthy when it comes to financing and investment. It is greatly considered to be the top dealmaker on Wall Street.

As of 2019, the company reported a net income of $8.466 billion. Out of the total revenue, the investment banking division contributed a total amount of $7.86 billion. A reasonable source of revenue if you will ask me.

Meanwhile, the revenue that was generated in 2019 from the investment banking division took the lead; it was the highest among the four divisions.

The total amount of revenue that this generated was $25.27 Billion. This is a great margin, it means the investment banking division generates more than 60% of the entire revenue.

This prestigious finance firm also played a major role in establishing the IPO markets in the early 1900s and 50 years later, became the first firm to focus on the institutional sales market.

It was also the first investment bank to create a dedicated M&A group, negotiate a trade on the New York Stock Exchange, and use new computer technology to share its research reports electronically.

2. JP Morgan Chase & CO

most pretigious finance firms

JP Morgan chase is one of the largest financial firms in the whole world. Its revenue can testify to this as it generates a total of $118.7 billion as of 2019.

Out of the total amount of $118.7 billion, the investment banking income contributed $36.4 billion.

Over years its revenue growth is making them one of the most successful finance firms worldwide.

The firm has a total of $2.53 trillion in assets and $256 billion when we talk about the stockholders’ equity.

They have spread worldwide, operating in more than 60 developed and developing countries with a total number of employees more than 256,000 workers in diverse departments of services.

Apart from operating in investment banking, JP Morgan Chase also operates some other departments such as consumer & community banking, asset & wealth management, commercial banking, and also corporate.

3. Barclays (BCS)

most prestigious finance firms

This finance firm was founded in London, UK in the year 1690. It is over 330 years old and regarded as one of the oldest investment banks in the world.

It is a multinational investment bank and financial services company with headquarters in London.

Barclays is a prestigious investment bank that provides advice, financing, and risk management solutions to governments, companies, and institutions all over the world.

This top finance firm helps move capital between those who need it and those who want to generate a return on investment.

Barclays operates through three main divisions i.e. banking, market, and research.

Barclay’s banking team offers clients access to industry and geography-specific expertise across all products as well as provides clients with informed strategic advice, detailed financial solutions, and risk management services.

As of 2019, it generated a revenue of  £21.632 billion, had a net income of £3.354 billion, and total assets of £1.140 trillion.

And as of 2020, the total number of its employees was 83, 500.

The investors of this finance firm have given it a thumb up, it was able to meet up with customer satisfaction.

They understand that satisfying their investor is their major priority, this is the reason they get a better reviews from their customers.

4. Bank of America Corporation (BAC)

most prestigious finance firms

Bank of America Corporation is one of the American multinational investment banks. They also offer banking and financial services like trading, brokerage, mortgage, and card services.

They are not limited to the USA alone, they are operating in 40 different countries across the globe, and this has built trust between the investors and the company.

BAC provides wealth management, corporate & investment banking, and trading products & services across a wide range of asset classes and serves corporations, institutions, governments, and individuals worldwide.

Bank of America Corporation has business relationships with 95% of the U.S. Fortune 1,000 and 79% of the Global Fortune 500.

Their net worth as of 2019 was $27.43 billion, had total assets of $2.434 trillion, and employees of 208,000.

If you check the review this finance firm has, then you will confirm that this investment bank is worth trusting.

The fact that they operate across a minimum of 40 developed and developing countries has given the company the edge to gain investors’ trust.

5. Morgan Stanley (MS)

most prestigious finance firms

This finance firm was founded in 1935 and today is known as one of the leading investment banks in the world.

It is divided into three core businesses i.e. institutional securities, investment management, and wealth management.

Morgan Standley has one of the top financial advisor sales forces in the field and also works regularly on the most high-profile deals on Wall Street.

They have grown wide to employ a very large number of 60,348 workers across the multiple countries they operate in across all continents.

It has a reasonable amount of net revenue as of 2018. The company revenue as of then was reported to be $40.1 billion.

Out of this total revenue, the investment banking sector added a total amount of $6.1 billion to sum it up to a total amount of $40.1 billion.

Like the aforementioned finance firm, this is one of the most reliable finance companies to partner with.

They are one of the best at what they do. Consumer satisfaction is well taken care of.

6. Evercore

most prestigious finance firms

This is a global independent investment banking advisory firm founded in 1995.

Over the years, it has developed into a prestigious independent investment banking advisory firm with over 1,900 employees serving clients around the world from its different offices in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Its investment banking business advises its clients on mergers, acquisitions, financing, restructurings, divestitures, public offerings, private placements, and, more, as well as provides institutional investors with equity research and sales & executes trading that is free of the conflicts created by proprietary activities.

7. Lazard Asset Management

most prestigious finance firms

Lazard was established in 1848 and has advised on some of the most significant mergers and acquisitions in the Americas and Europe since the beginning of the 20th century.

Today, Lazard is one of the largest advisory-focused investment banks in the world with offices in 43 cities across 27 countries.

The firm employs over 3,000 people globally and is currently led by Kenneth Jacobs.

Lazard financial advisory business advises companies, boards, governments, and sovereign entities on capital raising, capital structure, M&A transactions, restructuring, shareholder strategy, and other strategic matters.

The firm’s asset management business offers a wide range of investment management services across traditional and alternative strategies in equity and fixed income to sovereign entities, corporations, public funds, labor funds, endowments & foundations, financial intermediaries, and private clients globally.

8. Deutsche Bank (DB)

most prestigious finance firms

This finance firm was founded in Germany. It is listed along with other finance companies on the New York stock exchange.

It is one of the most prestigious finance firms you should check out. Its total revenue was 25.316 billion but in the concurrent years, the revenue drops by 4.3%.

This company is one of the largest financial service firms in Europe, operating in more than 71 countries across the globe.

9. Moelis & Company

most prestigious finance firms

This global prestigious finance firm provides advisory services to corporations, institutions, and governments around the world.

Headquartered in New York but also has offices in Beijing, Amsterdam, Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, Dubai, Frankfurt, Houston, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Melbourne, Mumbai, Sydney, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

10. Credit Suisse

most prestigious finance firms

This is one of the world’s largest financial services providers that offer clients expertise in the areas of private banking, investment banking, and asset management.

Credit Suisse is a global firm that was founded in 1856 and opened its first international branch in 1942 in New York.

Today operates in more than 50 countries and employs over 46, 800 people from 150 different countries.

This firm serves its clients through three regionally focused wealth management divisions i.e. Swiss Universal Bank, International Wealth Management, and the Asia Pacific.


There you have it, the top 10 most prestigious finance firms in the world. These firms were not listed out of preferential treatment but because they are the top-rated investment banks/finance firms across the globe.

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