25 Top Best Fintech Companies Boston

top fintech startups
top fintech startups

Here’s a quick but detailed article on the Fintech Companies Boston.

Over time, the fintech space has seen a hypothetical increase in its industry. From the garnered worth of $128 billion in 2018, the industry is speculated to extend to a whopping $310 billion worth in 2022.

Surprised? That’s not even all!

Over the years, the number of fintech companies operating worldwide has seen a massive increase between 2016 and 2021. Today, there are thousands and thousands of fintech startups circulating all over the world. With the Americans amounting to a greater percentage.

So Let’s bring this home…

Are there even fintech companies in Boston? Well, this question sounds more sarcastic to me. A more accurate question should be what are the top fintech companies in Boston? – since Boston alone has hundreds and possibly thousands of fintech residing in the city.

First, let’s make sure we’re on the same page and fully know what the term, Fintech, entails.

What is Fintech?

Chart, Graph, Finance, Financial, Data

Fintech, a derivative of the term “Financial Technology”, refers to a new technology that aims to enhance and automate the delivery and usage of banking financial services.

Fintechs bring simplicity and precision by utilizing artificial intelligence to detect any opportunities we may have overlooked and eliminate potential dangers before they become an issue.

Financial technology’s innards differ from project to project and application to application. Machine learning algorithms, blockchain, and data science are being used to handle everything from process credit risks to running hedge funds in some of the most recent advancements.

That being said, let’s move over to the next section.

What Are The Top 25 Fintech Companies in Boston?

 The city, Boston, has shown significant support and has welcomed the establishment of several fintech startups and notable financial institutions – it’s no surprise that Boston, amid several other American cities, is gradually becoming a center of attraction for techs and innovation companies.

In this article, we’ve made a compiled list of top fintech companies in Boston, prepared from thorough research.

1. Reggora

Finance, Bank, Banking, Business

 Established – 2016

 Location – 321 Summer St Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Based in Boston, United States, Reggora is a modern appraisal technology firm founded way back in 2016.

The company offers a two-sided program that streamlines the appraisal process to mortgage lenders and real estate appraisers using cloud-based technology.

In simple terms, Reggora utilizes its garnered technologies and artificial intelligence to help facilitate the appraisal process (of using manual resources) to a much easier and faster means powered automatically.

2. MassMutual

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 Established – 1851

 Location – Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

MassMutual, a portmanteau of the term Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, is a life insurance company that has been in the field since 1854.

The Company, which offers whole, term, and universal life insurance plans, can be a suitable choice for someone looking for a robust policy to support their family’s requirements or boost their retirement fund.

Generally, MassMutual has a number of lists of digital tools which would allow families to plan for the future, insure their lives, and better manage their income.

3. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Calculator, Calculation, Insurance

Established – 1914

 Location – Federal Reserve Bank Building, 600 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, occasionally known as the Boston Fed, is an associate of the Central Bank of the United States.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston is one of the Federal Reserve System’s reserve banks (FRS). Except for Fairfield County, the bank is responsible for the first district, which encompasses Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and all of Connecticut.

The Bank is in charge of carrying out the monetary policy of the central bank by monitoring price inflation, economic growth and regulating banks operating within its jurisdiction.

4. Vestmark, Inc.

Financial, Planning, Report, Chart

 Established – 2001

Total Funding – $50.4 Million

Location – 100 Quannapowitt Parkway Suite 205 Wakefield, MA 01880 United States

 Incorporated in 2001, Vestmark is a leading technology platform dedicated to providing the right resources, wealth management,, and advisory solutions for broker-dealers, investment managers, RIAs, bank trusts, and other financial corporations.

5. Ever true

Stock Exchange, Win, Boom, Businessman

Established – 2010

Total Funding – $14.57 Million

EverTrue is the top advancement software platform utilized by educational institutions’ for fundraising activities.

EverTrue delivers streamlined access to donor data, powered by institutional data and third-party insights, to assist advancement offices in better engaging constituents and maximizing contribution potential.

Through tailored tools for alumni relations, annual giving, prospect research, and gift officers, the EverTrue platform increases performance for the advancement teams at large.

6. Domeyard LP

Credit Card, Payment, Credit, Card

 Established – 2013

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Domeyard, LP is a quantitative hedge fund startup that works alongside advancement teams to help engage constituents and increase giving potential with easy entry to remarkable data.

Domeyard implements trading algorithms across assets such as equities, futures, fixed income, energy, and commodities using breakthroughs in high-performance computers and data analysis.

7. Plastiq

Business, Chart, Graph, Graphic, Diagram

 Established – 2012

 Total Funding – Ji $72.3 million

Plastiq is a service that allows consumers and businesses to pay suppliers with debit or credit cards in virtual format.

Plastiq’s technology lets business owners pay for everything with a credit card, from leases to taxes, freelancers, and insurance. All a business owner has to do is fill out payment information on the platform, and Plastiq will send the payment to the relevant party through a credit card.

8. Goji

Economy, Profit, Stock Exchange, Pay

 Established – 2007

 Total Funding: $89.2 million

 Goji, an internet insurance broker, is a service dedicated to helping people find the perfect policy at the greatest price by combining smart technology and personal experience.

9. Elsen

The Conference, Lecture, Lecture Hall

Established – 2013

Total Funding – $750k

 Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Elsen is a platform-as-a-service company dedicated to providing services for large financial institutions.

The Elsen Platform makes it simple for anybody to use large volumes of data to make better decisions and solve even the most complex problems.

Elsen’s computing engine is 500 times faster than standard processing units, allowing asset managers to collect and process intelligence from financial markets in a fraction of the time.

10. Centage

Mathematics, Maths, Computer, Laptop

Established – 2002

 Total Funding – $23 million

Centage is the most popular automatic budgeting and planning software for small and mid-sized enterprises.

The company employs the use of user-friendly and cost-effective solutions to enable businesses to move beyond Excel sheets and formulas, allowing them to make better decisions and increase their return on investment.

11. Covestor

Audit, Chart, Graph, Hand, Writing

Established – 2005

 Total Funding: $23.5 million

Covestor is mostly considered a pioneer in the online marketplace for separately managed accounts (SMAs).

Investors may evaluate and choose from a varied marketplace of money management professionals on Covestor.com. Portfolio Sync technology from Covestor replicates trades automatically, giving users simple and convenient trade replication capability as well as the security of Covestor’s proprietary trade filtering.

12. Quantopian

Financial Advisor, Consultant, Brokerage

Established – 2011

 Funding: $273.8 million

 Quantopian is a platform that allows educated, talented people, to get compensated for creating successful investment algorithms. The platform includes a browser for developing code, as well as research and data sets, as well as monthly competitions for the best algorithms.

 By allowing freelance quantitative analysts to develop, test, and apply trading algorithms to buy and sell stocks, Quantopian aspired to create a crowd-sourced hedge fund.

13. Circle

Steel, Structure, Tall, Technology

Established – 2011

 Total Funding: $273.8 million

 Founded by Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville in 2013, Circle is a firm that engages in the development of peer-to-peer payment systems.

 The goal of Circle is to create a free and simple way to save and access money. They believe that accessing and transmitting money over the internet should be as straightforward as sharing video and messages.

The circle is based in Dublin, with offices in Boston, London, and San Francisco. Its team includes experts from JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, and Adobe.

Other Popular Fintech Companies residing in Boston include:


That is all on Fintech Companies Boston,  We have racked the web and brought to you the Top Best Fintech Companies Boston.

If you have been in need of Fintech Companies in Boston, All you have to do now is to sit tight and go through this article properly so you can get to know which offers the services you might need.

We have provided their contact details, location, as well as their website. Make sure to contact them for all the details you need.

We hope this article was helpful. Let’s hear what you have to say in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share!

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