UAE Residence Visas for Investors: What We Know So Far


If you make enough of an investment in Dubai’s real estate market, you can be eligible for a residency visa. The visa’s validity period is often set at a standard of two years. Nevertheless, new government initiatives and reforms that were implemented in 2018 have resulted in the creation of additional categories of investor visas, each of which has a unique set of conditions that must be satisfied. It is essential for a first-time investor to have a solid understanding of the distinctions between each option. In the following section of our book, we will provide you with a simplified summary of the various types of investor visas that are available to you in the UAE.


Property Investor Visa

This is the residence visa that is most commonly granted to property buyers and investors.

Eligibility: Minimum investment of AED 1 million in freehold property

Validity: Renewable every 2 years

Renewal Conditions: Ownership of the property must be maintained for the duration of the visa

5-Year Property Investor Visa

This category was introduced early last year as a longer-term option for property investors.

Eligibility: Minimum investment of AED 5 million in freehold property

Validity: Renewable every 5 years

Renewal Conditions: Ownership of the property must be maintained for the duration of the visa

Retiree Visa

This visa is only applicable to those who are 55 years or older.

Eligibility: Minimum property investment of AED 2 million, minimum savings of AED 1 million, or minimum income of AED 20,000/year

Validity: Renewable every 5 years

Renewal Conditions: As long as the criteria continue to be met, the visa will be renewed

Long-Term Residence Visa

This is the longest residence visa offered in the UAE and can be considered a general investor visa.

Eligibility: Minimum investment of AED 10 million, 60% of that investment must be in non-real estate assets

Validity: Renewable every 10 years

Renewal Conditions: The investment must be held for at least 3 years

Please get in contact with our advisory team if you have any questions or would like more information regarding the intricacies of each criterion or the process of investing in real estate in Dubai. We would be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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