How to Transfer Money & Pay Bills with JPMorgan Chase Wire Transfer, Zelle, and ACH

mobile transfer
mobile transfer

Learn how to send money from your Chase Bank account using a variety of different methods, including wire transfers, automatic clearing house (ACH) transfers, mobile apps, and internet banking.

This article teaches you how to transfer money from Chase Bank to friends, family, and business associates. You can use your business or personal checking account to send and receive money within the country and around the world and pay your bills.

It’s possible to transfer up to $25,000 daily from most Chase accounts. The daily transfer caps for Chase Private Client and Chase Sapphire Banking are set at $100k each. Keep in mind that the transfer limit at your alternate bank may be different.

chase wire transfer
chase wire transfer

How to transfer money from Chase Bank using a wire transfer

You must activate the Chase Mobile app and add recipients before you may transfer money from Chase using a wire transfer. Registration for Chase Online Banking has been explained previously to allow you to access your account information and make transfers. Also, set up automated payments for paperless statements.

What information do you need for a chase wire transfer?

You’ll need the following information in order to use bank and wire transfer services.

  1. The recipient’s ABA routing number
  2. The recipient’s bank account information and transit number
  3. The recipient’s full name and contact information
  4. If you want to send a wire transfer from one bank to another, you can do it by visiting the local branch of your bank or using their wire transfer service. The following details may be required from you:
  5. The sender’s bank account and transit number
  6. The sender’s full name and contact information
  7. The sender’s government-issued identification

How to Enroll for Chase Wire Transfers

  • Log in to your Chase Mobile app to get started.
  • Tap “Pay & Transfer” to continue.
  • Select wires and global transfers.
  • Get started” and “Next” should be selected.
  • Enter your phone number to receive a code for activation.
  • Enter the code on the next page.
  • Select your checking account and tap “Activate.”
  • Add the recipient.
  • In order to receive an activation code, please provide your phone number one more time.
  • Enter the bank and account information of the recipients.
  • Tap “Next” and then “Add recipient.”

How to Send a Chase Wire Transfer

Once you’ve signed up for the mobile app, you’ll be able to send wire transfers from there. Whether a Chase Bank wire transfer is domestic or international is based on what the money is going to be used for.

Send a Chase domestic wire transfer:

Make use of this option to send money to your home country by following the instructions below.

  • Log in to your Chase Mobile App or Chase Online Account, then tap “Pay & Transfer.
  • Tap “Wires & global transfers.
  • Choose or add a new recipient.
  • Enter the wire amount and date, then tap “Next.”
  • Review details to ensure the information is correct and tap “Schedule Wire” then “Close.”

Once this is completed, the money will be delivered to the recipient at the speed of light.

Send a Chase international wire transfer:

You can use this method to send money overseas for a variety of reasons, including paying for school tuition, making purchases in another country, or sending money to family or friends. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Open and log in to your Chase mobile app or Chase online account and tap “Pay & Transfer.”
  • Select “Wires & global transfers.”
  • Tap the arrow to expand the foreign exchange rate calculator.
  • Indicate if your recipient is an individual or a business.
  • Select the account to pay from and the country.
  • Input the amount of your wire transfer in U.S. dollars (USD) and tap “Send money.”
  • Choose or add your recipient.
  • Enter the date you’d like to send your wire.
  • Review the details to ensure all the information is correct, then tap “Schedule Wire.

How to Transfer Money from Chase Bank

Customers can set up money transfers between Chase bank accounts quickly and effortlessly. The only thing they need to do is adhere to the following instructions:

  • Log in to your Chase Mobile app.
  • Then tap “Pay & Transfer.
  • Select “Transfer” and then choose “Account or Brokerage Transfer.”
  • Enter the amount to transfer.
  • Select the accounts you want to transfer from and the accounts you want to transfer to.
  • Enter the transfer date and add an optional memo.
  • Click “Transfer” and confirm.

How to send money with Zelle from Chase Bank

Zelle enables you to make payments and send money from your Chase bank account. All that is required of you is to follow the steps that are outlined below:

  • Open the Chase Mobile app, then select “Pay and Transfer” from the menu.
  • Choose “Send money with Zelle” from the menu.
  • Choose the person you wish to pay, or add a new recipient to the list.
  • Input the amount to send and the account to use.
  • Tap “Review & send”
  • After going over your request, you can transfer the money by selecting the “Send it now” button.

Note: If you want to set up a recurring payment, you can enter those details too.

How to Transfer Money with Chase Bank’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment Services

To send money with Chase Bank Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payment Services and get it available in the next 2-3 business days, just follow these simple steps:

  • Log in, select “Pay and transfer,” and choose “External accounts.”
  • Choose “Add an external account.”
  • Then fill in the routing and account numbers from your other bank account.
  • Confirm your account details match those of your other bank.
  • Try and verify two small trial deposits and one withdrawal.
  • Choose “Schedule transfer” and fill in the details.

Chase Bill Payment

Both the Chase website and the Chase mobile app let you schedule a payment for a future date, add a payee, and send an online payment for a bill, all from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.

How to Add a Payee for Bill Payment

  • You can add a payee to a Chase bank bill payment by logging in to the Chase Mobile app and choosing the “Pay and Transfer” option.
  • Tap “Pay bills.”
  • Select “Add a payee” and begin to input the payee’s name.
  • Select a payee from potential matches or add one manually.
  • Enter your account number and tap “Next.”
  • Enter the payee’s ZIP code.
  • Confirm and choose the payee address.
  • Ensure the information is correct.
  • Then tap “Add payee.”

Chase Bill Pay: Schedule a payment

To set up an online bill payment for a future date from your Chase Bank, follow the guidelines below:

  • Login to the Chase Mobile app and tap “Pay and Transfer.”
  • Select “Pay bills.”
  • Choose the bill you want to pay.
  • Enter the amount to pay and tap “Schedule.”
  • Ensure that payment details are correct, and tap “Schedule it.”


The process of transferring money from Chase is easy and uncomplicated. All that is required of you is to follow the instructions that have been outlined for you above. To avoid being a victim of scams using wire transfers, you should never reveal your bank account details to somebody you do not know or who appears to be suspicious. You should also avoid sending money to people or firms that you are not familiar with. This is especially important if you have received unsolicited phone calls or emails asking you to send money in this manner.

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