How to Sell Online Without Capital But Profitable


Many people think that starting their own business requires a lot of capital.

Even though there are lots of ways to get profits from your own business without having to spend capital, namely selling via the internet.

It’s no wonder that many choose to quit working as employees and choose to run their own business by selling online.

Even without capital, running it requires tenacity, hard work, and persistence.

As a beginner, you don’t need to be afraid to start, because a result will not betray the process.

Confused where to start? Let’s read the article on how to sell online without capital but profit below.

1. Setting a Target

Target Market
Target Market

Before starting a business, you must first determine the target.

Deciding which items to sell to whom is more important than deciding which items to sell.

For example, the target market is young mothers, so the products sold can be baby equipment, maternity equipment or fashion.

It’s different if you determine the goods first and then the target market. For example, you want to sell baby shoes.

So the target market is limited to young mothers only.

In determining the marketing target, you must rely on the Buyer Persona.

A buyer Persona is a profile that comes from people who will use your product.

There are 4 things that must be considered in Buyur Persona:

  • Demographics which include gender, place of residence, education, occupation etc.
  • Interest
  • Behavior, ranging from frequently used social media, operating systems, etc.
  • Goals like dreams to be achieved, problems faced etc.

2. Determine the Sales Model

Determining The Sales Model
Determining The Sales Model

What kind of sales model or type do you want to do?

There are many online business models without capital, including:

Become a Dropshipper

Dropshippers basically sell products from distributors, shops, or other businesses.

And what you have to do is find and manage potential customers or customers who order a product or goods through you.

If you already have customers who order products or goods, place an order with a store you trust.

After the order is received by the store, the store will immediately distribute it to customers.

You just have to wait, and your job is done. Because for packing, production, and shipping matters have been taken care of by your trusted shop without involving you.

With so many e-commerce companies today, you can use them to collaborate.

And you don’t need to have a stock of goods which will definitely require capital first.

How to become a dropshipper:

  • Determining Selling Products

Determine what products you want to sell by paying attention to consumer needs.

When you determine the product you want to sell, as much as possible avoid products that have big competitors.

In addition, look for products that are simple, not easily damaged, and durable, so there is no risk during shipping.

  • Target Market

Once you decide to sell a product, you have to decide on your target market.

Whether it’s men, women, young people, children, parents, hobbies, or more global.

This is useful to make you focus on providing for their needs.

  • Competitor Analysis

You also have to do an analysis of competitors, you can study their activities.

That way you will know what activities you should do next.

  • Looking for a supplier or shop

Choose a store or supplier that has a low price compared to other stores or suppliers.

In this case you can determine which store or supplier you deserve to work with.

A good supplier or shop to work with is the one who has good service.

Besides being cheap, the store you choose must have a clear commission calculation, fast response to orders, trustworthy, quality products, abundant stock.

  • Understanding Products

With your knowledge of the products you are selling, you can answer questions that potential customers have.

Become an Online Reseller

Almost the same as Dropshipper but different. The difference between Reseller and Dropship is in the system.

If dropshipping orders goods directly at the store and sent from the store, the reseller usually has to buy the goods first.

Purchases are usually made in large quantities and get a discount or discount on the product purchased.

After getting the product, you sell it at the normal price or as you wish.

Is it the same as using capital? Being a reseller does not have to use capital at the beginning to buy a product and then sell it again.

You can become a reseller without the need for capital, with a note that you have to be observant to look for shops or or clients carefully.

Usually, those that have many reseller programs are companies engaged in services.

Such as websites, web hosting rental services, printing services, screen printing services, and many others.

Choose a company that you can collaborate with, and you only need to find buyers to direct you to the products you sell.

How to Become a Reseller:

How to become a reseller with dropship is almost the same as mentioned above.

It’s just that this time you have to be more observant in collaborating with stores because not all stores provide reseller programs without capital.

  • Ensure product quality

You must first ensure the quality of the products and services of the store or company that provides services.

It’s better if you try it yourself before deciding to buy at the store or company.

  • Good response

Make sure the party you want to collaborate with is easy to contact, and has a fast response.

  • Competitive price

Before making a purchase, first ask the price set by the service provider.

Selling Services

If you are not interested in becoming a dropshipper or reseller, the way to sell that you can do is to sell the services or abilities you have.

Just as you have the ability in the field of graphics, master Coreldraw, Photoshop, create a website or something else, you can offer it to customers who need it.

In addition to the things above, you can also offer your services online if you have versatile abilities.

Such as AC, Tv, refrigerator or other services that you control. That way you just have to pay attention to the factors below.

  • Set a rate that matches the quality of the service or work you do.
  • Provide the best possible service using the abilities you have.
  • Don’t think too much about profit or income. The most important thing is to make customers satisfied with your service, so they will give recommendations to their friends, and will indirectly increase your market.

3. Preparing Promotional Media

Setting Up Promotional Media
Setting Up Promotional Media

How to promote products online, of course, can use various types of online media.

However, the media used must contain product images because it can provoke the curiosity of potential customers.

If the product can be free or not using capital, the media can also be free.

Social media

Social media is currently used for various activities. From everyday life to doing business. 

You can use it as a means of promotion or selling the products you have. There are lots of social media that you can use and you can adjust it according to your needs.

  • Facebook

Facebook is a medium that you can use as a means of selling online, such as resellers, dropshippers, or selling services.

The method is also very easy, you only need to create a personal profile containing the merchandise you want to sell.

Or you can also create a Facebook page, Facebook group, or Facebook marketplace.

  • Instagram

Besides Facebook, Instagram also has a high potential for buying and selling activities.

If you have a lot of followers, you can also use it to attract potential buyers.


Currently, there are many marketplaces that are interested in it, and you can easily find various kinds of marketplaces.

Say like Lazada, blibli, TokoPedia, BukaLapak, shopee and many others.

It’s an easy way, you just need to create and register your account to start opening your own store on the marketplace.

If you want to sell services, you can use a marketplace such as a, or others.

Website or Blog

Furthermore, you can also use a website or blog that you can create for free.

Look for an easy and free website like or Blogspot which already has a good rating in either Google or Bing search engines.

That way your website or blog for selling will be easier for customers to find.


Selling through Youtube? Can be. It’s even easier to get customers.

Where you can make promotional videos for the products you sell.

Besides you can profit from selling products, you will also benefit from YouTube itself.

4. Bringing Traffic

Bringing Traffic
Bringing Traffic

The last stage in how to sell online is to bring in traffic.

This way of bringing in traffic can be done in two ways, namely organic and paid or non-organic.


Get traffic the natural way so you don’t have to spend a bit of money either to pay for AdWords or Facebook Ads.

The organic way can be done by:

  • Share site links on social media
  • blog walking
  • Broadcast email
  • SEO Optimization


You can pay for advertising on paid advertiser services.

This is one strategy that is widely used by internet marketers lately.

Paid ads can be run by:

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Purchases can be made when traffic has arrived. You just point it at the prospect of purchase.

5. Conduct Evaluation


After online sales are running, the next step is to evaluate.

Pay attention to the things below to optimize the sales of the products you have:

  • Learn about the product you want to sell. This is to determine the selling price so as not to set the price wrong.
  • Learn how successful your competitors are, whether in promotions or getting customers, and try to do it.
  • Enter keywords in SEO about the products you have. This aims to make it easier for customers to find when searching on Google or other search engines.


It’s quite simple, how to sell online without capital?

However, in practice, it is not as easy as in theory. Although not spending capital does not mean not being successful.

Or vice versa who have a lot of capital is not necessarily more successful.

Whatever the business, regardless of the capital, it definitely requires hard work and struggle. Do not forget to also deepen your knowledge of internet marketing.

So don’t be afraid to try, because small things will make big things.

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