35+ Top Best Finance Firms in Boston

In this article, we will be taking you through 35+ Top best finance firms in Boston, their location, web addresses, and a little description about them. We will also be taking you through an overview of finance firms to work for.

First, we will take a look at an overview of the 35+ top best finance firms in Boston, then we will be heading to the financial firms to work for in Boston.


Top Finance Firms in Boston

Finance Firms in Boston

The following are the top best finance firms in Boston;

1. Loomis Sayles & Company

They are an investment management firm that provides various products for retail investors and institutional investors. It has helped realize the investment requirements of mutual and institutional fund clients worldwide.

The firm’s performance-driven investors synchronize integrated risk analysis and deep proprietary research to make informed, judicious decisions.

2. Wellington Management

Wellington Management offers all-inclusive investment management proficiencies that cover nearly all parts of the global capital markets.

Their investment solutions, personalized to the special return and risk objectives of institutional clients in over 50 countries, draw on a robust body of collaborative culture and proprietary research that boosts independent thought and healthy debate.

As a private partnership, they believe their ownership structure nurtures a lasting view that lines up their viewpoints with those of their clients.

3. Berkshire Partners

Berkshire Partners has capitalized in mid-size private companies for 25 years via seven funds with aggregate capital commitments of roughly $6.5 billion.

4. GMO

Established in 1977, GMO is a private partnership whose major business is investment management. GMO is a global investment leader with know-how in handling multi-asset class strategies and focused strategies in various specific asset classes.

Their tactic seeks to detect asset classes and securities for which they trust they can get paid to take the risk and employs a long-term investment horizon, a belief in the power of mean reversion, discipline, conviction, and a commitment to research.

5. State Street

State Street is a top financial services provider serving some of the world’s most classy institutions.

They offer flexible services that cut across the investment spectrum, including investment research, management, and trading, and investment servicing.

6. Santander Bank

This finance firm in Boston is a Member of FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.

Santander, Santander Bank, the Flame Logo, Santander Select (And Design), Santander Universities (And Design), Santander Shareholders (And Design), Santander Rewards, Bravo, Sphere, Express Cash Pack, Flexlock, Extra 20, and A Bank For Your Ideas are registered trademarks, and Santander Select, Santander Shareholders, Santander Advance, Santander Cash Rewards, Santander Universities, Santander Passport, Passport, I (Heart) My Bank, I Love My Bank, and Real Change, are service marks, of Banco Santander, S.A. or its affiliates or subsidiaries in the United States or other countries.

7. Putnam Investments

Putnam Investments is a notable finance firm in Boston, known to be a privately owned investment management firm. The finance firm has secured a sustainable business presence as far back as the early 20th century (1937).

This year, Putnam celebrates 75 years of overseeing money for individual and institutional investors. Moved by balance, the firm has practiced an active, risk-conscious tactic to follow client mandates since the launch of The George Putnam Balanced Fund in 1937.

Today, Putnam offers investment services across various equity, absolute return, fixed income, and alternative strategies. The global asset manager and retirement plan provider allocates those services mostly through mediators via its offices and strategic alliances in North America, Europe, and Asia.

8. American Tower

American Tower Corporation is a holding company. The company operates directly and indirectly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures. It is a wireless and broadcast communications infrastructure company that owns, operates, and develops communications sites.

Its primary business includes leasing antenna space on multi-tenant communications sites to wireless service providers, radio and television broadcast companies, wireless data providers, government agencies and municipalities, and tenants in a number of other industries.

9. Boston Properties

Boston Properties, Inc. is an integrated, self-managed, and self-administered real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company is a developer and owner of office properties in the US.

With a significant presence in five markets which are Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC, they are often regarded as the largest owners, managers.

10. Boston Private Wealth

Boston Private is a leading Wealth Management and Private Banking organization that has affiliates in New York, Los Angeles New England, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Company places its affiliates to serve the high net worth marketplace with high-quality products and services of special appeal to private clients.

11. Cambridge Associates

Cambridge Associates is another United States-based privately held investment firm, making exclusive provisions for portfolio management and advisory services to institutional investors, including endowments, pensions, private clients, and corporate, foundation, and government entities.

12. Kensho Technologies

Kensho is a data analytics and machine intelligence company, founded in recent 2013. The organization is aimed at securing cloud computing to create analytics tools and combine natural language search queries and in a way that a wide range of investment professionals can utilize.

13. Domeyard LP

Domeyard LP is a hedge fund company, also founded in recent 2013. This organization focuses on high-frequency trading, using sophisticated data analysis and advances in high-performance computing to implement trading algorithms across assets like fixed income, energy, equities, futures, and commodities.

14. EverTrue

EverTrue is one of the top fintech companies, founded in recent 2010, with its objective of empowering fundraising teams with web and mobile software that identifies frequencies to provide SaaS technology.  This technology gives a better understanding of how to manage your portfolio management and trading solutions.

15. Reggora

Reggora is founded in recent 2016, situated at 321 Summer St Boston, MA. The company is based in Boston, to create software for appraising real estate.

16. Goji

Goji is another one of the top finance firms in Boston, Massachusetts, having local offices worldwide.

17. LPL Financial

LPL Financial is one of the largest independent broker-dealer in the United States. LPL Financial was founded in the 20th century (1968).

18. Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments Inc., formally Fidelity Management & Research or FMR is an American-based multi around financial services corporation.

19. MassMutual

MassMutual is a fintech company, founded in the mid-19th century. The company is situated at 470 Atlantic Ave and One Marina Park in Boston, making provision for a variety of digital tools to allow individuals and families to plan for the future, alongside making the process of money management simpler.

20. Forward Financing

Forward Financing is a fintech company, founded in recent 2012, making provision for flexible and quick working capital to US-based small businesses.

21. BondLink

Bondlink is one of the top finance companies in Boston, founded in recent 2015, making exclusive provisions of products for the Municipal Bond Market.

22. Cobalt Software, Inc

This noble company in Boston was founded in recent 2011, for the provision of sophisticated software, capable of analyzing and monitoring private market data and funds, efficiently.

23. SS&C Intralinks

Since its 1996 inception, the company has been one of the top and aged fintech organizations founded in the late 20th century, absolving some of the hardships that put M&As in danger by providing a single and extremely secured cloud-based space in order for buyers and sellers to engage in real-time.

24. Plastiq

Plastiq was founded in recent 2012, to make credit cards virtually possible for every payment (even for those that don’t usually accept card payment) to fasten and facilitate better manage working capital for business owners.

25. Midaxo

Midaxo is founded in recent 2011, with its aim and objective to streamline the merge and acquire process with its software, which helps companies avoid risks, develop better deals and improve collaboration.

26. LeaseQ

LeaseQ is a notable fintech company, situated in Boston, founded in recent 2012 with the basic objective of connecting customers with instant quotes on equipment leasing. With regards to this, the company initiates sources of financing for which users can apply online.

27. Elsen

Elsen is another fintech company, founded in Boston in recent 2013. This noble organization focuses on reducing the time it takes financial professionals and hedge fund managers to compute data.

28. Centage

Centage is found in the early 21st century (2002), known to be the leading provider of budgeting, automating, and planning software catering to small and mid-sized businesses.

29. Great Hill Partners L.P.

Great Hill Partners one of the finance firms in Boston, known as a private equity firm, securing about $2.7 billion under management.

30. Leerink Partners

Closing up our list, is Leerink Partners, as another finance firm in Boston. They offer descriptions of investment banking, equity research, and asset management services.


Finance Firms To Work For

Finance Firms To Work For

In this section of the article, we will be taking you through some notable finance firms that you might consider working for. Some of which include the following.

Northwestern Mutual

Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Brokerage Services


Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Financial Analytics & Research

Morgan Stanley

Location: 1 International Place, 13th Floor Boston, MA 02110

Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management


Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Banks & Credit Unions

Fidelity Investments

Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management

Wellington Management

Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management

Eaton Vance

Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management

Bank of America

Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Banks & Credit Unions

J.P. Morgan

Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management

Putnam Investments

Location: Boston, MA

Industry: Investment Banking & Asset Management



In this article, we have been able to outline 35+ Top finance companies in Boston, their location, web addresses, and a little about them. With regards to these, we believe you should have known more about finance firms in Boston. You can check through our blog page for more articles like this.

Do check out the blog page for more articles like this.

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