20 Top Best Credit Unions in New York

Credit Unions in New York
Credit Unions in New York

Are you looking for Credit Unions in New York?  We’ve got a comprehensive list of a lot of them in this article today.

From observations, individuals, and Companies tend to do financial transactions with Credit Unions instead of Banks because the interest rates get in banks can be relatively high and this could scare customers away.

Although some prefer Credit Unions, quite a large number of people still do their financial transactions at the bank. Either ways, Both are safe.

In New York, there are lots of financial institutions that render services such as deposition of money, withdrawal, saving money, making loans available, and providing other financial services and support.

One of these institutions that can render such incredible services is “Credit Unions“.

If you have been thinking about what a credit union is all about, think no more. This article will explain in detail what a credit union is and how it works, the advantages, disadvantages, and lists of most top 20 credit unions in New York.

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What are Credit Unions?

Credit unions are one of the most popular financial institutions in New York that operate like banks but provide their banking services in a traditional way.

It can be formed by organizations, entities, or Large corporations. It ranges in small size, volunteer operations with thousands of participants scattered in the country. Credit unions are created, held, and governed by their members.

Their central aim is to serve their members instead of earning profit. In short, credit unions are a non-profit organization that offers the lowest loan rates, savings, and nice low payments.


List of the Top Best Credit Unions in New York.

Search no more for the Credit Unions available in New York. Although there are so many credit unions in New York, We are here to give you the list of the best of the best.

Here is the list of most 20 top Best popular Credit Unions with the number of the locations they have below:

1. Teachers Federal Credit Union, 32 locations.
2. Bethpage Federal Credit Union, 33 locations.
3. Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union, 20 locations.
4. Cap Com Federal Credit Union, 11 locations.
5. Corning Credit Union, 18 locations.
6. Island Federal Credit Union, 11 locations.
7. UsAllianCe Federal Credit Union, 15 locations.
8. Self-RelianCe New York Federal Credit Union, 5 locations.
9. Sunmark Credit Union, 11 locations.
10. Suffolk Federal Credit Union, 10 locations.
11. AmeriCU Credit Union, 19 locations.
12. Mid- Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, 13 locations.
13. CFCU Community Credit Union, 11 locations.
14. MuniCipal Credit Union, 15 locations.
15. Jovia Financial Credit Union, 20 locations.
16. ESL Federal Credit Union, 22 locations.
17. Visions Federal Credit Union, 52 locations.
18. Empower Federal Credit Union, 26 locations.
19. First Source Federal Union, 5 locations.

20. Summit Federal Credit Union, 11 location


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How to Join or become a Member of the Credit Union in New York?

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Joining or becoming a member of Credit Unions in New York is very simple and requires no difficulties.

Credit unions’ requirements differ depending on how it’s being governed. Here is what you need to understand if you aspire to become a member.
To join a credit union in New York City, expect to meet some of their requirements, it may need you to work for a certain employer in new York, be part of a recognized group in New York, live in a particular area, or have a family relative that’s already a member of the credit union.

Advantages of the Credit Unions.

Credit unions give many benefits such as:

  • Higher interest rates on checking or saving accounts.
  • They have an organized service experience.
  • They allow you to have direct access to the people making decisions about your potential loan or other financial transactions.
  • Credit unions are outstanding because they are member-owned, just by a mere deposit of money in a credit union account, you have instantly become an owner member of that credit union.

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Disadvantages of Credit Unions in New York.

As the credit unions offer incredible advantages services, they still have one or two advantages such as:

  • You need to meet credit unions requirements before you can become a member of the institution.
  • Most credit unions don’t have the volume and funds necessary to offer larger services.
  • Credit unions may not offer huge products.
  • However, they also have a few locations and these available locations only exist inside communities so it’s not easy to speak with their customer care personally if you need any urgent services.

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Why you should choose a Credit Union?

Credit Unions provide their members with enough financial services and supports.

As a cooperative entity, they tend to put their members first in everything they do. In addition, having membership with a credit union is a good investment for life because they’re known for quality customer service.

Are Credit Unions the same Financial Institutions as Banks in New York?

Have you ever been thinking that Credit Unions are also Banks, Then you got it all wrong?

No, the services credit unions in New York rendered are a different ball game compared to the services of a bank. This will draw our attention to what a bank is exactly.

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What is a Bank?

A bank is also a financial institution licensed to provide financial services such as, accepting money deposits, withdrawals and also manages other financial services, like wealth management of their customers with the sole aim of making profits.

The Differences between Credit Unions in New York and Banks in New York City.

Like I stated earlier, there are lots of differences between the services of credit unions and that of banks. Though they are both financial institutions they have lots of different objectives and intentions.

  • Credit unions are member-owned non-profit financial organizations.
  • They focus on their members’ best interests instead of profits, you need to satisfy some terms and conditions before you can be able to join.
  • The goal of a credit union is to serve their members, they use the money that should make a profit to support their members.
  • They always do this by giving good saving rates and lower interest rates on loan products with low fees. Unlike banks, which operate in a different way.
  • Immediately, you open an account and deposit money in your account, you have automatically become a customer of that bank.
  • The bank’s major commitment is often to their shareholders, not their customers.
  • However, banks give a low-interest rate on savings and bigger interest rates on loans in comparison to the credit unions.

As credit unions offer these incredible services to their members, they aren’t invariably better than banks, but will always offer amazing rates, if you want to keep your money local.

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Technical Explanation of How Credit Unions operate in New York.

Let’s give you the technical explanation of the operations of Credit Unions unions in New York.

Credit Unions observe original business models where members bond their money. They buy stakes or shares cooperatively just to be able to provide loans, needs, and unique financial products & services to their participants.

Every income raised is used to support the union’s projects and services that will in turn be of benefit to the community and its members. A volunteer committee of directors is elected by members, which means you’re not just a member, but a part-owner of the financial institution.


Which is the Best Credit Unions in New York?

You reside in New York and You need the services of a Credit Union.

Well, don’t be shocked to hear that all credit unions are exceptionally good depending on what you want.

Our thoughts towards this are that the best credit union in New York could be the one that has branches around the city, one close to the area you reside in or your workplace. Yes, this is because you can jump in at any time to do certain transactions.

You can also check out this video for Credit Banks vs Banks


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That’s a bunch of information on Credit Unions in New York. We didn’t just stop at analyzing credit institutions in New York, Instead, we went ahead to explain a whole lot about general topics associated with Credit Union.

Credit unions give a safe space to keep and obtain money at a satisfactory rate. If you’re seeking to get a car loan, personal loan, or mortgage loan, credit unions are favorable financial institutions that can help you with the lowest interest on loans.

Thankful to “The National Credit Union Administration” that covers members’ accounts up to $250,000 per member-owner and are backed up by the vast honesty of the United States government.

I know this is indeed helpful. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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