The 6 Best $50 Instant Loans Apps for Instant Money (2024)

Instant Loans Apps
Instant Loans Apps

We are happy to list the best instant loan apps as those that will instantly lend you money (up to $50) without requiring excessive verification or form submissions. They come to your rescue in times of crisis, such as when you find yourself trapped and in urgent need of financial assistance.

When it comes down to it, these apps really can be a lifesaver in a lot of different situations. Some of these loan apps come with an interest rate, but they are not like the apps offered by loan sharks, which collect a significant amount of interest in a very short period of time. Please do not submit or collect money from such apps if you come across them since they may be operating unlawfully, and they may gather and sell your data to a third party. If you do come across such applications, please do not submit or collect money from them.

In the following paragraphs, we will introduce you to the top app for instant loans, which allows you to borrow at least $50 or less, such as $25, in a matter of minutes. These rapid loan applications provide you with a repayment period of thirty days, and the interest rate that they charge is not particularly expensive.

Best $50 Instant Loans Apps (2024)

1. Dave

dave loan app
dave loan app

Dave is another instant loan app that lets registered users get up to $250 in cash right away. But the amount you get from Dave depends on your account history, average balance, and loan credit score, among other things.

You can also make a direct deposit into your Dave account so that you can pay it back in full when your loan is due. You can pay back the loan in parts or all at once, whichever you prefer. But you should set up a payment plan before the loan is due.

Dave costs $1 per month to join, and you can use ATMs and debit cards for free as long as they are in the network.

2. Earnin

Earnin loan app
Earnin loan app

Earnin is an app that can give you an instant loan of up to $100 per day or $500 per pay period. There is no fee for the loan, but the transfer rate is $2.99. The interest rate is $0, and it will take between one and three business days for your loan to arrive. You can use the more advanced features of Earnin if you link it to your bank account.

When you link Earnin to your bank account, it will automatically take back the money you borrowed when your direct deposit paycheck comes in. You can give Earnin a tip for the money it gave you, and you have to be working on using Earnin.

3. Chime

chime loan app
chime loan app

Chime is a fintech banking app that lets people open spending accounts that require a certain minimum balance. Not only that, but they also give their users instant loans from $20 to $200. This means you can get a loan right away for $25, $40, $50, $100, or even $200 without any trouble.

You do not need to undergo a credit check in order to make an instant deposit of $200 when you register an account with Chime. Despite this, they will still utilize a variety of procedures to evaluate your application before giving it the green light. Chime also offers its customers a free debit card that does not incur any fees when used to make purchases.

4. PaydaySay

paydaysay loan app
paydaysay loan app

PaydaySay is another app that can give you an instant loan of up to $50. The app connects people who need money with people who have money to lend. This means that you can sign up for the app as either a borrower or a lender. You can borrow between $100 and $200. But the borrowed money needs to be paid back in full by the due date.

You must pay back the loan on time so that the lender gets their money back. But if you don’t pay back the loan, interest will be added to it. PayDaySay, unlike Chime, checks your credit before giving you money. Also, the interest is a bit high since it’s a person lending you the money.

5. Brigit

brigit loan app
brigit loan app

Brigit is an app that lets you borrow money and connect it to your bank account. This app lets you borrow between $50 and $250. It connects to your bank account, so it can only approve your amount based on what you do with your bank. After you borrow money from Brigit, your advance repayment schedule is set up for you automatically.

The good news is that you can choose to pay back your loan early or extend the time you have to pay it back. This budgeting app costs $9.99 per month and does not check your credit or charge you interest.

6. MoneyLion

moneylion loan app
moneylion loan ap

MoneyLion is a banking app that can give you a $250 cash advance through a feature called “Instacash.” You can borrow anywhere from $25 to $250. To use MoneyLion, you must have an account that has been open for at least two months, show that you make regular deposits, and have a working account.

You can use your MoneyLion account or an outside checking account to pay back an Instacash loan. How much you can get will depend on how long you’ve had a MoneyLion account. The longer you have a bank account, the more likely it is that you will be able to get a higher advance loan.

Alternative To Instant Loan Apps

Why not try something else instead of looking for an app to get a $50 loan right away? If you do these things, you’ll always have $50 in your bank account if you follow these steps. You may be wondering what else you can do. So, here are the answers:

Have an Emergency Fund

You must have heard people tell other people to have an emergency fund or start one. So, it’s the best piece of advice ever. Having an emergency fund will help you a lot in a situation like this. We know that this may be hard for a lot of people. But if you can save $10 per week, you’ll have up to $40 in a month, which is close to the $50 instant loan you want.

This means that in two months, you could save up to $80. You can save this money for a rainy day. You can always use them in similar situations and then get new ones. What if you don’t have a job? What should you do while you don’t have a job?

Start A Side Hustle

Start a side business while you wait for your dream job. This will help you save money and have more than just $50 on hand in case of an emergency. We live in a modern world where all you need to work is a smartphone and an internet connection.

You can do a lot of different things on the side, like sell things online or look for work on sites like Fiver, Upwork, and many others. Here are some ideas for things you can do on the side.

  • Deliver food for Instacart or DoorDash
  • Driving for Uber, Bolt, or Lyft
  • Teach language online.
  • Teach Yoga
  • Write an eBook.
  • Find (legit, trustworthy) gigs on Craigslist.
  • Find gigs on Fiverr.
  • Babysit
  • Sign up for TaskRabbit
  • Sell items online
  • Be a DJ
  • Get a job as a server for a restaurant that will let you start immediately.
  • Deliver pizzas


A $50 instant loan application is a fantastic way to free yourself from debt pressure. You should be aware that there is an interest rate associated with this. While some apps might not be worthwhile, they might also require a monthly subscription fee. Please borrow only what you can afford to repay before installing any apps, and make sure to read the terms and conditions.

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