20 Best Mobile Banking Apps in Nigeria for Android & iOS (2024)

mobile banking app
mobile banking app

We are pleased to provide the rankings of the best 20 mobile banking apps in Nigeria for 2024 based on a variety of criteria. Such banks include but are not limited to Access, Diamond, GTBank, UBA, Keystone, First Bank, Polaris (Skye), Ecobank, Fidelity, FCMB, Heritage (Enterprise), Jaiz, Stanbic IBTC, Sterling, Union, Unity, Wema (ALAT), and Zenith, among a few with direct links to download for either Android or Apple devices.

When it comes to mobile apps for banking, selecting a financial institution that offers a reliable app is a significant choice. It’s common knowledge that we rely on technology for a significant portion of our day-to-day activities.

Because of the widespread adoption of digital technology, there is virtually no excuse to slack off in any area of our lives, including our professional and financial responsibilities.

You can locate the most incredible banking app of this year by reading our article that ranks the top 20 banks in Nigeria. You’ll also find the top bank in Nigeria. Who knows, maybe the mobile app that your bank offers will end up on the list of the finest mobile banking applications in Nigeria discussed in this piece.

The increase in opportunities and growth that has resulted from increased invention and creativity has, in turn, made it possible for even more innovation and creativity to occur.

The best mobile banking apps in Nigeria offer intuitive user interfaces that make it simple to perform banking tasks such as checking account balances, depositing checks, and getting in touch with customer service.

The majority of large financial institutions have mobile apps that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. You are going to set up a username and/or a password.

The growth rate of internet theft, scam, or fraud, commonly known as “Yahoo Yahoo,” is alarming in this part of the continent; therefore, it is probably a good idea to exercise caution whenever you are engaging in online activities. Many ignorant and non-ignorant people have been victimized by various forms of fraudulent incidences that took place online.

If you are a regular user of the internet, you should be familiar with the various schemes con artists employ to fool people into giving them their personal information by sending them false mobile banking email alerts. Did you realize that you run the risk of falling victim to fraud if you download mobile banking applications from the Play Store?

You should also be aware that Play Store is the official Google app for downloading apps on Android devices, while App Store is the official platform for iOS and iPad OS apps.

However, there is something that many of you don’t know about the Play Store application that is available on Android: there are too many malicious apps disguised as legitimate ones on the Play Store that steal mobile banking login details. Phishing is a method of fraud that con artists employ to get you to reveal your bank login information.

In a nutshell, the purpose of this article is not to engage in a debate over the extent to which fraud occurs in Nigeria but rather to pool resources in order to assist in evacuating it from the country. Because of this, I will provide a rundown of as many reliable mobile banking apps in Nigeria as possible.

Here are our top 20 mobile banking apps in Nigeria for 2024.

20 Mobile Banking Apps in Nigeria for Android & iOS with Download Links

Top 12 Performing Banks In Nigeria – Q1 2022
#1Zenith Bank
#2Wema Bank
#3Stanbic IBTC
#4First Bank
#5Fidelity Bank
#6Unity Bank
#8Access Bank
#10Sterling Bank
#11GTCO Plc
#12Union Bank
Top 10 Mobile Banking Apps In Nigeria – 2022
#1GTCO Plc
#2Access Bank
#3First Mobile App
#4Kuda Bank App
#5Alat by Wema Bank
#6FCMB Mobile App
#7Zenith Bank App
#8UBA Mobile App
#9Opay App
#10One Bank App
source: banksofbanks.com

If you have a smartphone, you can download a mobile banking app to check the balance of your account, send money to other people or your own accounts, buy airtime, pay utility bills and subscriptions, and perform a variety of other banking tasks without having to physically go to a bank.

Kindly find below the correct URLs to download any and all mobile banking applications for devices running Android and iOS;

1. GTCO (GTBank)


App Name: GTWorld

In Nigeria, one of the mobile banking apps that you can use is called GTWorld. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the bank is committed to providing customers with the greatest mobile banking experience possible.

You now have the flexibility to take your bank with you wherever you go, thanks to the GTBank mobile app.

You are able to manage your account from the convenience of your own home or place of business. You are able to do whatever banking transaction you want to complete with a user interface that has been thoughtfully created.

You now have access to a Mobile App that was developed specifically to cater to all of the things that are essential to you, thanks to GTWorld. GTWorld can also adjust to the banking style that you want.

Your fingerprint, your face, or any four digits of your choosing can be used to complete all your financial transactions; it is entirely up to you to pick which method you would choose.

In addition, GTWorld is for you if you own or manage a company. It gives you access to GAPS, which is their powerful online banking platform for businesses. This platform enables you to keep track of and finish all of your company transactions from any location in the world.

On Google Play, the GTWorld app has been downloaded more than one million times and has a rating of 4.1. On the other hand, you may get it from the Apple Store as well as Google Play.

To download the GTWorld app, go to the official website of Guaranty Trust Bank, the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store for iOS devices. You can also visit the official website of Guaranty Trust Bank.

The correct URL to download the GTBank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone operating system of choice, whether it be iOS or Android, can be found below.

Download GTWorld on Android

‎Download GTWorld from Apple App Store

2. Access Bank

access more
access more

The Access Bank Mobile app is a strong contender for the top spot on this list of the best mobile banking apps. This app is compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices, including those made by Apple and Android.

Simply click on the appropriate button to download the app, and you will soon have the ability to check your balance, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks, and do much more whenever it is most convenient for you to do so. (If I may make a suggestion, in order to use the Mobile App, you will first need to register for Online Banking services.)

Transactions such as sending or receiving money, paying bills, or buying airtime for oneself or another person are examples of transactions.

If you are experiencing any issue, you do not necessarily need to go to the bank to make a complaint; instead, you can do so through the mobile app.

On Google Play, the app has received good rating stars, and it has already been downloaded more than one million times. You may get it on Google Play or the Apple Store.

App Name: Access More

Contained below are the updated links to download Access Bank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download Access More From Google Play Store

‎Download Access More From Apple App Store

3. First Bank

FirstMobile App
FirstMobile App

It should come as no surprise that First Bank’s app is also considered among the top mobile banking apps in Nigeria.

Card management, account overviews, payment of bills, and money transfers are some of the app’s functions. The official mobile banking application for smartphones offered by First Bank is referred to as First Mobile.

Account holders of First Bank can utilize this feature to gain convenient access to a variety of transactions, including financial and non-financial dealings, on their mobile phones and other mobile devices.

Customers with First Bank accounts and either a Naira MasterCard or a Verve card can take advantage of this service.

All First Bank customers who have a Verve or Naira MasterCard can immediately begin using the app without having to go to a First Bank branch in order to enroll in the service, demonstrating that the app is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly user-friendly.

Additionally, it is positioned to provide a digital banking experience that is both more dependable and unquestionably more convenient.

App Name: FirstMobile App

Contained below are the updated links to download the First Bank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download FirstMobile on Google PlayStore

‎Download FirstMobile App on the App Store

4. Ecobank

ecobank mobile app
ecobank mobile app

With the redesigned and improved Ecobank Mobile app, banking on the move has never been simpler and is available around the clock. Directly from your mobile device, you may take care of your day-to-day banking needs wherever and whenever you choose.

The Ecobank mobile app allows customers in any of the 33 African nations where the bank operates to manage their accounts, send and receive money, and make and receive payments.

App Name: Ecobank Mobile App

Below are the correct download links to download the Ecobank mobile banking app for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download Ecobank Mobile App on Google PlayStore

‎Download the Ecobank Mobile App on Apple App Store

5. Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Online Banking app
Fidelity Online Banking app

One of the commercial banks operating in Nigeria is Fidelity Bank Plc., which is often referred to as Fidelity Bank. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the nation’s central bank as well as the national banking regulator, has granted it a license to operate as a commercial bank and given it international authorization.

In 1987, Fidelity Bank was a relatively small participant; today, it has established itself as a reliable and reputable financial organization. Notably, in 2005, Fidelity Bank completed the acquisition of FSB International Bank Plc (“FSB”) and Manny Bank Plc (“Manny”), which allowed it to become one of the first 10 banks in Nigeria.

The Bank was ranked number seven among Nigeria’s most capitalized financial institutions and twenty-five among the most capitalized financial institutions in the African continent in 2011. Additionally, in 2017, the KPMG Banking Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey (BICSS) recognized Fidelity Bank as the fourth best bank in Nigeria in the retail market category. This ranking was achieved directly from the bank’s renewed focus on retail and digital banking.

App Name: Fidelity Online Banking

The upgraded Fidelity Online Banking App lets you stay in control of your finances. Manage your transactions, accounts, and cards securely and efficiently anywhere. The App allows you to perform transactions and manage your bank account(s) from your mobile device. It is secure and very simple to use.

Below are the correct links to download the Fidelity Bank mobile banking app on iOS and Android smartphones.

Download Fidelity Online Banking For Android

‎Download the Fidelity Online Banking App for iOS


fcmb new mobile
fcmb new mobile

The FCMB Mobile App is also a competitor in the market for mobile banking applications. Users of the FCMB Mobile App are able to quickly and conveniently meet all of their company and personal financial commitments, no matter where they are or when they use the app.

The interface’s layout and functions are both straightforward and secure, contributing to the interface’s user-friendliness. The First City Monument Bank (FCMB) mobile app is a tool given by the bank First City Monument Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria.

They currently have a vast number of locations all throughout the country, each of which offers its services to millions of people.

They won the award for “The Bank That Cares the Most About Its Customers” in Nigeria in 2015. Users are able to make payments for food and tickets using the FCMB mobile app, as well as make transfers, open new accounts, do QR and Cardless operations, and many more financial transactions.

App Name: FCMB New Mobile

Below is the updated download link to get the latest FCMB mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download FCMB NEW MOBILE for Android

‎Download FCMB NEW MOBILE for iOS

7. Kuda Bank

kuda app
kuda app

This banking app for mobile devices is one of the most widely used online digital banks in Nigeria. In 2016, Babs Ogundeyi and Mustapha Musty established a company that would later be known as Kudimoney.

It is a microfinance bank that has been granted a license by the Central Bank of Nigeria to operate as a free mobile bank. Kuda makes it simple for people in Nigeria to take care of their financial matters by enabling them to use banking applications on their mobile devices.

Get started right now by opening an account on your mobile device, downloading the app, and submitting a request for a free debit card.

No annual or other fees, free balance transfers, and savings are made automatically. Kuda provides you with all you require to maintain control of your financial situation. Get the app today by downloading it.

Kuda Bank satisfies the requirements of its customers by allowing all banking transactions to be completed online (through the Kuda Mobile App) rather than requiring consumers to physically visit a bank location.

The Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation [NDIC] is the organization that protects the bank’s deposits.

In the event that you lose your debit card, you can deactivate it right there in the app, and then you can revive it as soon as you find it.

Downloading the Kuda app and creating an account with it is completely free, and the only thing you need to do to have a Kuda account is signed up for one. The only drawback to using this app is the delay that occurs in the account verification process.

On Google Play, the application has been downloaded more than 2 million times and has a rating of 4.5. You may get it on Google Play or the Apple Store. Download it here.

App Name: The Bank of the Free – Kuda

Below is the updated download link to get the latest FCMB mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download Kuda Mobile App for Android

‎Download Kuda Mobile App for iOS

8. WEMA Bank

alat by wema
alat by wema

This is one of the most efficient banking applications available on mobile devices in Nigeria. You won’t need to step foot inside an ALAT branch to open an account or take care of your financial needs because the company is Nigeria’s first totally digital bank.

This app, which has won multiple awards, also provides you with access to special personal and group savings, as well as a free debit card, a variety of lifestyle advantages, and yearly interest rates of up to 4%.

It provides all of the features that can be found in a digital bank, such as free card delivery to any location of your choice in Nigeria and the ability to obtain a virtual dollar card that can be used for online payments.

Additionally, creating an account is free, and if you use the app on a regular basis, you have the chance to seek a loan without providing any collateral.

In the four years that ALAT has been in operation, the company has been recognized with a number of accolades, including “Best Mobile Banking App” and “Best Digital Bank for 2017” at the World Finance Digital Banking Awards; “Best Digital Bank in Africa” at the 2018 Asian Banker Awards; and the “Best Digital Platform Nigeria 2019 Award.

The first step for ALAT is to provide our customers with financial services that are both effective and efficient in terms of their costs. After signing up, you will be given access to a free debit card, which will then be delivered to your specified address.

In addition, you can keep tabs on your savings objectives, enabling you to maintain command of your finances and come to more sound choices.

You can also take advantage of the higher interest rates we are offering for savings accounts and domiciliary accounts.

On Google Play, Alat has been downloaded over 500,000 times and has a moderate rating. You may get the app from either the Apple Store or Google Play by clicking here.

App Name: ALAT by Wema

Below is the updated download link to get the latest ALAT mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download ALAT App for Android

‎Download ALAT App for iOS

9. Zenith Bank

zenith bank mobile app
zenith bank mobile app

The Zenith Bank app for mobile phones is one of the best in Nigeria. It is meant to help people figure out how to use the app. You can take care of your account with this app.

You can check your balance, move money, pay bills, and do a lot more. You can also use it to pay with QR codes and turn on or turn off your card.

The fact that it has already been downloaded over a million times from the Play store shows how important the app is. The app does have some problems, though.

Some customers said it was hard to log in, so the bank fixed the problem as soon as they heard from their customers.

App Name: Zenith Bank Mobile App

Below is the updated download link to get the latest Zenith Bank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download Zenith Bank Mobile App on Google PlayStore

‎Download Zenith Bank eaZymoney on Apple App Store

10. UBA

uba mobile banking
uba mobile banking

One of the best mobile banking apps in Nigeria is the one for UBA. The UBA app lets customers login in a split second, unlike some that take a long time.

It also works with phones that have fingerprint or iris scanners. If you want to, you can switch between day and night modes.

The app makes it easy to transfer money, ask for a statement, check your account, and do a lot more. You can also talk to their customer service team in real-time.

If you’re having trouble, you can talk to them right from the app. And all of your problems will be solved. The UBA banking app has been downloaded over 23,000 times on the Google Play store.

App Name: UBA Mobile Banking

Below is the updated download link to get the latest UBA mobile app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download UBA Mobile App (New) on Android

‎Download UBA Mobile App (New) for iOS

11. Polaris (Skye) Bank


Polaris Bank Limited, is a commercial bank based in Nigeria. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the country’s banking regulator.

Polaris Bank is a large financial services provider in West Africa and Central Africa. With headquarters in Nigeria, the bank maintains subsidiaries in Sierra Leone, the Gambia, the Republic of Guinea, Liberia, Angola and Equatorial Guinea. As of September 2010, the bank’s total assets were valued in excess of US$3.9 billion (NGN:611.5 billion), with shareholders’ equity of approximately US$630 million (NGN:98.4 billion).

App Name: VULTe

Below is the updated download link to get the latest Polaris Bank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download VULTe By Polaris on Android

‎Download VULTe By Polaris on iOS

12. Stanbic IBTC Bank


Stanbic IBTC Holdings, commonly referred to as Stanbic IBTC, is a financial service holding company in Nigeria with subsidiaries in banking, Stock Brokerage, Investment Advisory, Asset Management, Investor Services, Pension Management, Trustees and life Insurance businesses. The company’s corporate headquarters, I.B.T.C. Place, is situated at Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos. Stanbic IBTC Holdings is a member of the Standard Bank Group, a financial services giant based in South Africa. Standard Bank is Africa’s largest banking group ranked by assets and earnings, operations in 20 African countries and 13 countries outside Africa.

App Name: StanbicIBTC

Below is the updated download link to get the latest Stanbic IBTC Bank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download StanbicIBTC Banking app for Android

‎Download Stanbic IBTC Mobile App for iOS

13. Heritage Bank (Enterprise Bank)

hb padie by heritage bank
hb padie by heritage bank

Heritage Bank Plc., usually called Heritage Bank, is a financial services institution. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the country’s banking regulator, with a national operating license, that offers retail banking, corporate banking, online/internet banking, investment banking and asset management services; its head office is at 292B Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.

App Names: HB Padie by Heritage Bank

Below is the updated download link to get the latest Heritage Bank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download HB Padie by Heritage Bank on Android

‎Download HB Padie by Heritage Bank for iOS

14. Keystone Bank


Keystone Bank works with big businesses, government agencies, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and individuals. The bank is a big one in Nigeria that helps people with their money. As of December 2012, the total value of the bank’s assets was US$1.916 billion (NGN:307.5 billion), and the value of the shareholders’ equity was about US$213.3 million (NGN:34.23 billion).

App Name: KeyMobile

Below is the updated download link to get the latest Keystone Bank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download KeyMobile app for Android

‎Download (KeyMobile) app for Apple devices

15. Sterling Bank

sterling onebank
sterling onebank

App Name: Sterling OneBank

One Bank is another must-have app on the list of top mobile banking apps in Nigeria. One bank is an app from Sterling bank that lets you do all of your banking online.

One Bank is made with fun features that give users the freedom to the bank as much as they want. The app’s clean and easy-to-use interface makes it easy for users to find their way around.

It also has biometric security based on fingerprints, which have been shown to be more secure and easier to use than passwords.

Users can hide their account balances on the app, which makes it even safer.

The One Bank app also gives users the latest market news, which helps them make the best investment decisions from the comfort of their living room.

Through Doubble, an investment product on the app, users can choose from a wide range of investment plans that fit their budgets and needs.

For example, users can start making plans to invest in specific future projects or invest in foreign currency.

Also, users can easily send money to family and friends in other countries because they can check the exchange rate before every transaction.

People who like to shop online aren’t left out because the app lets people use a virtual card to pay for things online safely and securely.

Virtual cards keep their information safe online and limit how much merchants can see it. With a few clicks of a button, you can become a “One Customer.”

In the same way, users can easily pay their water bills, cable and internet bills, electric bills, and so on through the app. The app also lets you withdraw money without cash, apply for loans, add airtime, and do a lot more.

All the features are easy to use and designed to meet customer needs without compromising security.

The app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times from Google Play and has a rating of 3.7. You can get it from either Google Play or Apple Store.

Download the Sterling OneBank mobile app for Android

‎Download the Sterling OneBank mobile app for Apple devices

16. Union Bank


Union Bank is a big commercial bank that works with people, small and medium-sized businesses, and big companies and organizations. It was ranked the 556th biggest bank in the world in July 2009 and the 14th biggest bank in Africa. As of March 31, 2018, the bank had about NGN1,381 billion (US$4.1 billion) in assets. At that time, the equity of the shareholders was thought to be NGN286 billion, which is about $851 million.

App Name: UnionMobile

Below is the updated download link to get the latest Union Bank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download UnionMobile for Android

‎Download UnionMobile for iOS

17. Unity Bank


Unity Bank is a big company in Nigeria that helps people with their money. Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. Unity Bank also has an office in Abuja, which is the capital of Nigeria. As of December 2012, the total value of the bank’s assets was about US$2.45 billion (NGN:396 billion), and the shareholders’ equity was about US$322 million (NGN:51.5 billion).

App Name: Unifi

Below is the updated download link to get the latest Unity Bank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download Unifi Mobile Banking App on Google PlayStore

‎Download Unifi by Unity Bank on Apple App Store

18. Opay App

opay app
opay app

The Opay app lets people with an Opay account do all kinds of financial and non-financial transactions. With this app, you can transfer money from one bank to another.

It also lets you pay bills, recognizes your fingerprint, check your account, and much more. You can also get instant loans and overdrafts through the app.

Users have said good things about the app, which is why it made the list of the best banking apps in Nigeria. The OPay app has been downloaded more than a million times from Google Play and has a 4.3 rating.

Download the Opay mobile app for Android

‎Download Opay mobile app for Apple devices

19. Jaiz Bank

jaiz mobile plus
jaiz mobile plus

Jaiz Bank Plc is a bank in Nigeria that doesn’t charge interest and follows the rules of Islamic banking. It is the first bank in Nigeria that does not charge interest. It is based in Abuja, which is the country’s capital. In Nigeria, the bank was a medium-sized provider of financial services as of December 2012. At that time, the bank’s total assets were worth US$88.8 million (NGN:14.1 billion), and shareholders’ equity was worth about US$63.6 million (NGN:10.1 billion). The bank has 27 branches and offers regular services at ATMs, as well as online, mobile, and SMS banking.

App Name: Jaiz Mobile Plus

Below is the updated download link to get the latest Jaiz Bank mobile banking app in Nigeria for your smartphone on iOS and Android.

Download the Jaiz Mobile Plus on Android

‎Download the Jaiz Mobile Plus on iPhone or iPad

20. Quick Teller


The new and improved Quick Teller app is made to make it easy, safe, and secure for you to pay for everyday things. With this new Quickteller app, you no longer have to worry about how to pay.

What you can do with the Quickteller App?


You can send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere, no matter what bank they use. Even better, every Quickteller user gets a free eCash account, and sending money to friends and family who also have eCash doesn’t cost anything.


You can pay your bills from the comfort of your home or office. You can renew your subscriptions to Cable TV and the Internet, pay for electricity, plane tickets, and more.


Buying Airtime from any mobile network in Nigeria is easy with the Quickteller app. There is also airtime for mobile networks in other countries.


It has a great user experience that makes it easy to use and navigate.
There is a lot of trust in the platform. Two-factor authentication makes sure that transactions are safe.

There are no limits to what you can do. With more than 2,000 billers on the platform, you can pay for almost anything with Quickteller.

  • One-touch recharge; airtime recharge at the speed of thought.
  • Zero charges on transfers from your eCash to any other eCash
  • Zero charges on eCash wallet top-up
  • Easy access to quick services from the dashboard
  • Access to Quick loans: No collateral or elaborate documentation is required, just your transaction history.
  • Recurring Payment: Schedule your regular bill payments so that you won’t have to keep coming back every time.
  • Global Shopping: Shop from over 120 leading UK/US stores, pay in Naira, and have items delivered to your doorsteps with DHL.
  • Push notifications: Be the first to know about amazing deals around

App Name: Quickteller

Even though Quick Teller is not a bank, it is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to acquire airtime on all networks, as well as make payments (for example, to DSTV, Swift Internet, TSTv, ipNX internet, Airtel Postpaid, PHCN, and so on), send and receive money, and so on. The revised download link for the most recent version of the Quickteller mobile app that is compatible with smartphones running iOS and Android can be found below.

Download the Quickteller app for Android

Download ‎Quickteller -Payments & Wallet for iOS


That’s all there is to it; those are the direct links to download all of the banks’ mobile banking apps that are available in Nigeria on Android Play and the Apple store. As time goes on, there will be consistent updates made to the links. Please let us know as soon as possible by using the comment box located below if you see any links that are incorrect, broken, or have expired. Thank you very much for reading!

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