UNCLE Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit; Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

uncle credit union
uncle credit union

The ATM withdrawal limit for Uncle Credit Union in the US is what our tutorial will be showing you today.

The California-based UNCLE Credit Union is a full-service financial organization. The credit union was founded in 1957 and now has more than 32,000 members and $625 million in assets.

Anyone who resides, works, worships, attends school, or worships in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Joaquin, or Stanislaus Counties is eligible to join.

The ATM networks of STAR, PULSE, ACCEL, and CO-OP have agreements with the credit union.

Why UNCLE Credit Union Has ATM Transaction Limit Set?

ATM withdrawal limits are crucial for the safety of your UNCLE accounts and all ATMs.

The restrictions ensure that ATMs aren’t empty and everyone gets the cash they require.

If your ATM card and PIN are lost or stolen, you won’t lose all of your money.

Please notify the credit union as soon as you know that a debit card is missing or stolen.

Even if you have enough money in your accounts, you are not permitted to withdraw more than the permitted amount.

For this reason, the UNCLE Credit Union in the US places restrictions on ATM withdrawals.

UNCLE Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limits

For UNCLE Credit Union, the daily ATM withdrawal limit is $510.

The $3,000 daily transaction limit applies.

For this credit union, there are no weekly or monthly limits.

You are not limited to a certain amount of daily transactions as long as you don’t exceed the daily limit.

This is the US ATM transaction limit for UNCLE Credit Union.

What Are The Charges

ATMs operated by CO-OP and UNCLE Credit Union have no fees for cash withdrawals.

When using out-of-network ATMs, the ATM operator or the network handling the transaction may impose a surcharge fee.

A foreign transaction fee of 1% of the total amount is applied for cash withdrawals outside the US.

For foreign transactions, the currency conversion rate is chosen by the card network.

The surcharge fees are deducted from your account when you complete the purchase.

These are the ATM withdrawal fees for the US-based UNCLE Credit Union.

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