Patelco Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit; Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

patelco credit union atm withdrawal limit
patelco credit union atm withdrawal limit

The Patelco Credit Union ATM withdrawal limit in the United States is going to be covered in today’s tutorial.

Northern California is home to the Patelco credit union, a community-based financial cooperative with its headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area.

The financial cooperative was established in 1936, making it both one of the oldest and the largest credit unions in the country.

The credit union has about 360,000 members and a total asset value of $47 billion.

Why Does the Patelco Credit Union ATM Have a Transaction Limit?

Credit unions typically have a daily spending limit pre-determined by debit cards and ATM cards.

Even if you have enough money in your checking account, your card will be refused if you try to withdraw more than the maximum amount that is allowed. This will remain the case until the limit is reset.

The length of time you’ve been a customer at the bank, your account type, and the amount of money in your account all factor towards the withdrawal restrictions at ATMs.

Your affiliation with the Patelco credit union also has a role in the number of transactions that can be made with your ATM card.

In the event that your card and PIN are lost or stolen, the credit union may implement withdrawal limits as a method of controlling fraudulent activity as a tool for the prevention of fraud.

These are the reasons why Patelco Credit Union places withdrawal limits on their ATMs in the United States.

Patelco Credit Union ATM Withdrawal Limit

You can access your cash through any of the CO-OP Shared Branch networks in the United States.

The maximum amount that can be withdrawn from a Patelco credit union ATM daily is $500.

The restrictions placed on daily withdrawals from ATMs are typically reset each day at midnight.

There are no withdrawal limits for ATM transactions on a weekly or monthly basis.

That is the maximum amount that can be transacted at an ATM belonging to Patelco Credit Union in the United States.

What Are The Charges

At ATMs that Patelco owns, there is never a fee for withdrawing cash.

You will be subject to an operational cost when you withdraw money from an ATM that is not part of your network.

The credit union will automatically reimburse up to two of your monthly ATM costs if you use an ATM not part of their network.

If you have any questions regarding the limits placed on your ATM withdrawals, please contact the credit union by calling 800-358-8228.

You don’t need any other information because everything you need to know about the Patelco Credit union’s ATM withdrawal limitations in the United States is right here.

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