How to get a Personal Loan from UBA and requirements

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The UBA Personal Loan helps functional salary account holders who maintain a UBA Salary Account pay their unexpected costs, such as medical bills or home projects, with funds from their savings and current account. After receiving all of the necessary papers, the UBA Personal Loan facility request will take approximately 48 hours to process before the loan may be disbursed.

Borrowers can take advantage of a flexible loan tenure of up to sixty months, and the loan amount can range anywhere from one hundred thousand to thirty million Nigerian naira, based on the borrower’s salary and other terms and circumstances. The interest rate can be as low as twenty percent, and there is a one-time administration fee of one percent; this enables you to access up to fifty percent of your debt service ratio (DSR).

How do I know if I am eligible for a loan?

In order to qualify for a personal loan from UBA, applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  1. You need to have a confirmed staff position inside your organization.
  2. You are required to maintain a salary account with UBA.
  3. Your place of employment needs to be on the recognized list of businesses in order to qualify for a personal loan.

What documents am I required to provide to obtain UBA Personal loan

To obtain the UBA Personal Loan, you would need to provide the following documents:

  • A form for applying for a loan that has been properly filled out.
  • A photocopy of your most recent pay stub and a statement from your bank account that details any salary deposits made in the previous six months.
  • A letter of understanding from the company you are currently working for.


In order to submit an application for a personal loan through UBA, you are going to need to present the following documents as requirements.

  1. Functional savings or current salary account
  2. Duly completed loan application form.
  3. Valid means of Identification (international passport, national driver’s license, national id card, and voters card).
  4. Employer’s undertaking to domicile salary with UBA.
  5. Duly accepted offer letter or employee inquiry form (The offer letter should contain
  6. Employee Name, Employee Job Description/Position; Nature of Employment (Permanent or Contract); Employee Job Status (Confirmed or unconfirmed).
  7. Copy of the obligor’s staff ID.

How to apply

You can quickly submit an application for a personal loan through UBA Bank by going to the specialized lending platform known as “Integrated Credit Express (ICE)” or by walking into any of our Business Offices that is located in close proximity to you. You may also seek advice by getting in touch with your Relationship Manager.

  1. Complete the loan application form and bring it, together with any supporting documents, to any of our branches.
  2. After the loan has been approved, you should draft an offer letter that specifies the loan conditions and any criteria.
  3. The money from the loan will be deposited into a salary account that is held at the bank.

After receiving all of the necessary papers, the UBA Personal Loan facility request will take approximately 48 hours to process before the loan may be disbursed.

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