Check FAB Balance Online – FAB Account Balance Inquiry

First Abu Dhabi Bank Fab
First Abu Dhabi Bank Fab

FAB is a new type of bank that is powered by AI. It combines the benefits of digital banking with the power of AI to provide personalized and customized financial services.

FAB Bank has an AI-powered chatbot that can answer customer questions, provide financial advice and make personalized recommendations. FAB Bank also uses machine learning to analyze customer data and offer tailored products and services.

Are you looking for an inquiry regarding your FAB balance? Now, we are aware that quite a few individuals might be looking for this information. Absolutely, and this is especially true when they are anticipating receiving their pay. If you are anticipating receiving payment or paycheck at the end of the month, it is in your best interest to verify the current balance in your bank account before doing anything else.

Indeed, this is the most effective method for minimizing unnecessary expenditures on your part. If you are looking for a simple method to check the balance in your FAB bank account, then you should read this post. Let’s not waste too much time and instead take a cursory look at First Abu Dhabi Bank and the history of its operations in the UAE.

One of the most reputable financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai is the Fab Bank, also known as the First Abu Dhabi Bank. When consumers make use of the Star card, This Bank is able to supply them with supplementary services. You may simply check the balance of your account using the Card, in addition to doing a wide variety of other things online.

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Fab Balance Enquiry Online

Through the FAB portal, you will have the most convenient access to checking the balance of your account. If you are prepared with your prepaid card, it will not be difficult for you to check the balance of your account. To accomplish that, follow the actions that are listed below.

Step 1:  To check your Fab account balance, simply visit

Step 2: Enter the last two digits found on your prepaid card as well as your card ID. After that, the remaining balance on your card will be presented to you.

FAB Bank Prepaid Cards

If you have the FAB bank prepaid card, then you are all set to take advantage of the many perks that come along with online banking. When it comes to using FAB prepaid cards, there are a number of advantages to doing so. The following elements are pre-cut onto the card for your convenience:

  • Activation is not required
  • There is no need for a bank account
  • There is no monthly or minimum balance charge
  • Acceptance of cards at domestic ATMs and international in-store purchases
  • Using FAB ATMs, the cardholder can choose his / her own “PIN
  • Statements are free for cardholders
  • Prepaid Online Portal is available 24/7 for free
  • You can find ATMs and CDMs 24/7 using the largest ATM network or CDM network

Offer More Protection And Security

One of the main reasons why many individuals are still reluctant to use prepaid or debit cards is out of concern that thieves may get their hands on them. If someone with criminal intent gets their hands on your card, they can use it to drain your bank account completely. On the other hand, this is not the situation with FAB bank. In point of fact, they provide the following amenities to their customers.

  • Protection from skimming fraud with a chip and PIN card
  • Online purchases require an OTP for security
  • Payment solutions for corporate customers to meet authorization
  • limits and control requirements
  • Manage cash flow, generate reports, and track expenditures with expense management solutions.

Employees who earn up to 5,000 AED per month are eligible to get the online payroll solution Ratibi using the FAB prepaid card, which is yet another attractive aspect of this convenient payment option. Additionally, FAB offers a card management solution that is user-friendly, quick, and astute for its customers. You won’t have any problems checking the balance of your account if you use the online inquiry service to do it.

More Ways to Check Your FAB Account Balance

Via Mobile Apps | Android & iOS

The answer is yes, a mobile app can be found for virtually every bank these days. There is no need for anyone to remind you that mobile banking is the simplest and safest way to conduct any transaction because you already know this. You won’t have to deal with the anxiety of going to your bank anymore. On the home screen of the Faba mobile banking apps, you will be able to view the current balance in your account.

All that is required of you is to log in to the mobile app using the information you have been provided with, and you will immediately be shown with your account balance as well as any other relevant information. You can get the FAB mobile app from the Google Play Store or the FAB Mobile Banking from App Store if you do not already have it on your mobile device.

Call Customer Service

You may easily determine the current balance of your account by calling the customer support number. The only thing left for you to do is call the number listed on FAB’s main website to speak with a customer service representative. Using this information, they are able to deliver your Fab balance to you via SMS.

Visit ATM Machine

At the automated teller machine, you have the ability to carry out a variety of transactions using your card. You don’t need a lot of stress in your life. All that is required of you is to insert your card into the ATM machine, pick the appropriate option, and finally key in your PIN. It’s quite easy, and in addition to that, you can take money out of the ATM if you choose.

How to Locate FAB ATM Near Me

Utilizing the Google MAP application is going to prove to be the most successful strategy for locating the FAB ATM machine that is located in your general vicinity. To make matters even better, open the browser on your device and type “Fab ATM Near Me” without quotation marks. This will bring up the directions from Google Map for each ATM machine that is located in near proximity to you. You are now able to check the balance of your FAB account from that location.

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